The Simple Pleasures

As a Foster Carer, Christmas has never been the same two years running. Luckily that’s just the way I like it! We have many lovely, touching memories of course but last Christamas really showed us that money spent and beatiful wrapping can be meaningless. Let me explain:

Christmas 2007 I had 3 children living with me, one of whom was a 5 year old with developmental delays, who had no memories nor understanding of Christmas. Her birth family life had been one of poverty and trauma, and she had no expectations as she had no reason to believe the magic of Christmas existed!

I had saved, bought and wrapped 6 gifts each for the 3 children and piled them beneath the decorated tree on Christmas Eve. The children had left cookies and lemonade out for Santa and carrots for the reindeer and I sprinkled fake, plastic snow across the carpet from the front door (no chimney!) to the tree before going to bed.

Christmas morning at 5:30 my other 2 children were up, waking me and keen to unwrap, having carefully counted and inspected their labelled gifts. Keen to begin they roused the little girl and told her to run and see what Santa had brought. She came slowly out of her room, yawning and not in any hurry as she had no anticipation of goodies. Then she stopped and began to laugh and jump up and down with happiness. “Mama, Mama” she yelled “Oh look it, look it!”.  Had she seen her mountain of gifts at last? No, her delight was in the $2.50 packet of plastic snow that Santa had left behind.

That little girl sat and threw ‘snow’ over herself for almost an hour laughing and calling to us to see the miracle that had taken place. Yes, she did come later and opened her gifts, but she was drawn back to play in the ‘snow’ throughout the rest of the day.

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  • Santa's Elf says:

    Balletmum, that is a gorgeous story. For that special little girl, and all the other children you have helped, THANK YOU and we wish you the merriest and happiest of Christmases.

    It is all too easy to get caught up in the fuss and big things, and forget those simplest things. Thanks for reminding us all that it isn’t the pricetag that counts, but the joy it brings.

    We will also contact uyou about some Love Santa letters for all your children as you all derserve some extra joy 🙂

  • MissieK says:

    That is such a beautiful story 🙂 Thank you for sharing it. I love how it’s the simple things the kids love.

  • Fren says:

    This story moved me very much. Despite all that she had gone through that little girl drew joy out of a small thing – she passed that joy onto you, you were moved to share it here. Three and a half years later on a hot July day she has given joy to me, a perfect stranger living miles away. If you are still fostering her – give her a hug and a thank you from me. I’m sure she loved her “Love Santa” letter from Santa – after all he did leave snow in her home!

    • Santa's Elf says:

      Thanks for that lovely comment Fren, and I’m pleased one little girl’s pleasure is having a ripple effect and touching people years later. I believe that doing nice things does impact on the world and this shows how such a little thing can affect others.

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