Love Santa letters – constant prices

In the seven years we have been writing letters to help Santa, we haven’t changed the price so our letters are still $10 each (or $9.25 for orders of 3 or more).

Why no increases, even after some rough financial years and two postage increases? Because Love Santa is not about the money, it’s about the love of Christmas, magic and children.

We know others are selling letters for more than us, and not always at Santa’s request, but we’ll stay with covering costs and making people happy.

And of course our letters still contain a number of personalised details, craft and cooking ideas and a small surprise mailed individually to each child.

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  • PamHub says:

    Thanks! Well done to you for the constant prices, but more importantly thanks for helping Santa give our Aussie kids their own personalised taste of Christmas. I’m guessing you were first if you started 7 years ago…

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