The magic of Christmas…

Houve covered in bright Christmas lightsCan you feel it in the air?

Every time you see Christmas lights and smile, feel a twinge of nostalgia at a carol, go back in time at the smell of pine leaves, get excited over presents, or otherwise enjoy the moments of Christmas, you are feeling the magic of Christmas that I love.

Many people complain about this time of year, and I agree that it can be overwhelming to have many events to prepare for and meeting commercialised expectations of gifts, but I think it is lovely to stop and enjoy the magic occasionally.

There are people who will steal this magic away, and it’s up to us to keep it safe. I try not to listen to the anti-Christmas crowd, and I certainly don’t include their comments in this blog (this blog is about Christmas and Santa  for families and comments out of that mind set are rejected – sorry if that offends but that’s my prerogative.) Even science, which brings us many things, has its limits and has no real place where people are knowingly enjoying the magic and spirit of the holiday.

How do you deal with people who try to destroy your belief and pleasure in the magical aspects of Christmas? How do you keep the wonder alive and spread it to others?

So we wish you a Merry Christmas full of the magic and wonder felt by children everywhere.

6 Responses to The magic of Christmas…

  • ACSAPA says:

    The way I keep Christmas magical is to try to avoid stressors so that I don’t miss out on the fun of the holidays. I don’t go to the Black Friday sales, I do my shopping online to avoid the insanity at the mall, I even cut back on TV watching because there are too many commercials pressuring you to buy things.
    I stick to watching Christmas movies streaming online. I focus on spending quality time with my daughter, not standing in long lines at the mall. Sometimes to enjoy the magic of the holidays, you have to put blinders on and ignore the commercialism of the holidays. You almost have to be like a monk and not let your peaceful calm be disturbed by the Christmas sale circulars stuffed into your mailbox.

    • Santa's Elf says:

      Wow that’s great you have thought about how to protect yoruself from some of the madness so you can enjoy the season, ACSAPA.

      We don’t have Black Friday sales here (for Back Friday is a horrible day of extreme bush fires back in 1939 – we’ve seen worse twice in my lifetime but this one still sticks in my mind, too) but I get the rest of what you say. I shop early as well as online to avoid shops in December.

  • pocs says:

    I handcraft most of my gifts, and their done by thanksgiving, so shopping doesn’t come into play. I try and stay away from the Scrooges that seem to try and ruin the spirit. And spending with the family is the best way to keep the nay sayers at bay .

    • Santa's Elf says:

      Avoiding Christmas shopping is a good way to avoid some of the downsides of Christmas – unless you’re one of thsoe people who just love shopping I guess!

      Spending as much time as possile with people enthusiastic abou Christmas and Santa and all thinn jolly is always a good idea 🙂

  • pocs says:

    With so many topics to trade thoughts, memories or maybe recommendations I was wondering if there was any dealing with Christmas films, shows or movies. I have seen the caroling and memories, but with many of us from different areas there might be suggestions for something new to discover.

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