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I have 3 kids, all at school and various clubs and groups, so there are a few special people I’d like the kids to thank at Christmas time. I know that most of these people are paid but it is for the extra effort and care beyond their job that I appreciate – and its good for the kids to say thanks even if the teachers are paid to be there.

But I just can’t afford much so spread across 13 or 14 adults, it leaves very little. Does anyone have suggestions of nice gifts they’ll appreciate (beyond the thought!) that are inexpensive?

And I feel I should spend more on my daughter’s Joey Scout leaders because they actually are not paid for what they do. Nothing I do could pay for a fraction of their time but they deserve something special. Is it right to spend very little on the other to spend more on the wonderful volunteers?

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  • Akela says:

    I’m a cub leader and don’t get a lot of gifts so am not an expert. But if my cubs make something I am really touched by it, and I am a sucker for chocolate (my waist says no more but my taste buds win!) I think anything that is for the leader themselves is nice – hand creams, choccies and candles – because they work hard and feeling spoilt and pampered is a great thank you.
    I’m a bit biased so I won’t answer who to spend more on…

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