Christmas gift sharing time…

So it has to be asked… what did you get for Christmas?!!Santa holding a pile of presents

It’s fun to share what we got and it’s good to see what others got (just for fun and for inspiration!) so I’d love you to answer the following questions in the comments section…

  1. what is the best present you got this year?
  2. which present were you least happy with?
  3. of the presents you gave others, which got the best response?
  4. which present was the most special?

Whatever you got, I hope you had a Merry Christmas and are spending Boxing Day relaxing, reflecting on the Christmas that was and enjoying yourself.

8 Responses to Christmas gift sharing time…

  • Santa's Elf says:

    I’ll start 🙂
    My best present was some beautiful windchimes hanging outside my bedroom window.
    My least favourite present, um, is an unflattering top that isn’t my style at all.
    The best response received is hard! My son adored getting Octonaut toys, my niece loved a set of sewing things in a set of drawers and my husband and mother were each happy with the hand print canvases I helped my kids make for them
    A necklace and top from my daughter was unexpected and special, as was the book of photos from the year that I received as a gift from my son’s kinder.
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  • RitaG says:

    My best present was tickets to fly to Sydney – yah!
    My worst present was a cutesy calendar which I’ll never use.
    My boyfriend loved his present but I won’t say what it was in public…
    The tickets to Sydney were pretty special – unexpected and so welcome!

  • kylaph says:

    My favorite present was a…actually 2 I can’t say because they are all euqal!
    My least favorite present was probably this think you scratch out a shape
    My best responce was probably a thank-you from my mum and my sister(older)
    My most special present probably was the trampoline, tablet. Or mynew shorts and leotard

    • Santa's Elf says:

      Sounds like you had a great Christmas with some great presents, kylaph 🙂 I am very impressed that you can’t choose between gifts – you’re either easily pleased (whcih is lovely) or lucky to be surrounded by people who know you well enough to choose the right gifts for you.
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  • sorrowscall says:

    Well, it’s not quite Christmas yet, but I’d like to go ahead and answer this for last year. That way, later this year, I can compare the lists.
    1. A snuggie with penguins printed on it.
    2. I loved all one of my presents.
    3. The special coffee grounds I got a friend. They adore making coffee and the happiness and glee I saw on them when they received it made me feel warm.
    4. The only present I got physically was the Snuggie. However, my favorite ‘present’ was the ability to spend the holiday with the people I’m close to.

    • It’s never too late to reflect on gifts we are given I think sorrowscal 🙂

      Do you think your friend would be happy to receive coffee grounds again this year? Or will you try something else, like coffee mugs, a plunger or chocolate coated coffee beans?
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      • sorrowscall says:

        Hmm, I wanted to get him coffee beans again this year, but I don’t like doing gift do-overs. I don’t want him to think that is all he’s ever going to get from me for the holidays. Instead, this year I want to get him something that might seem barely useful to anyone else but the world to him. He loves coffee but doesn’t have a car and thus has to bike everywhere. There’s a new cup-heating type cap out that’s relatively inexpensive. I think what I might do is get him several different bags of his favorite coffee beans, hide them inside a durable cup, and cap it with the mug warmer.

        What I’m hoping is that when he has to head to college in the morning is that he can attach the cup to his bike or walk with it and his drink won’t spill nor get cold.

        • I haven’t heard of the mug warmer (but may look for one to give my bike-riding husband) but that’s a great gift idea, sorrowscal. Your friend is lucky to have you thinking about him.

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