Quick Christmas Royal Puddings Recipe

These cute little Christmas Royals look like teeny-tiny Christmas puddings and they are the perfect take-along party plate for busy Mums. They’re a similar concept to the Christmas Anzacs I made last year, but a bit more decadent and fancy-looking.

You can get these made in ten minutes, and they are the sort of ingredients you can have in the cupboard for a while so you can make them at the last minute.

Or let the kids work on them – it will take longer obviously but it’s an easy snack for them to make for Santa.

Christmas Royals

ingredients and equipment to prepare Christmas royal puddings

Ingredients and preparations required to make your Christmas Royal Puddings!


2x 200g Arnott’s Royals Biscuits
200g white chocolate
1 x 180g Smarties
1 x resealable or freezer bag
spearmint leaves, cut into about 6 slices



Take the biscuits out of the packet and lay them on  board or plate. You can put them straight onto a serving plate if you trust you won’t make a mess (and that could depend on whether you have any little helpers or not!)

Melt white chocolate  – over a pan of water will work but takes time and isn’t suitable with young children. So I just pop them into the microwave for about 70 seconds – test then repeat for 20 second bursts until they are nicely melted.

Pour the melted chocolate into the plastic bag. Snip off the corner of the bag. Of course, if you have a piping bag, just use that! You can drizzle the chocolate from a spoon but it does tend to get messy and takes longer so the chocolate will start to set.

Pipe (or drizzle) chocolate onto the top of each biscuit.

Pop a red smartie on top of the chocolate. Arrange two or three pieces of spearmint leave to be the holly leaves.

Let the chocolate set and serve 🙂

Sprinkle some halved spearmint leaves around the Christmas Royals for a pretty presentation.

Stages of creating some Royal Puddings as a Christmas treat or snack for Santa

Piping chocolate ‘custard’, adding smartie ‘berries’, add spearmint ‘holly leaves’ and putting royal puddings on a plate – an easy recipe!


Pink centred Royal Christmas puddings

Pink centres add a little extra!

Sometimes you can get Royals with a pink centre, too, and they are even better when it comes to making a Christmassy treat!

If you can’t get Royals, other chocolate biscuits can work (mint slices are an obvious option) but they don’t stand up as high to look like little Christmas puddings.


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7 Responses to Quick Christmas Royal Puddings Recipe

  • sorrowscall says:

    1 word: Presentation.

    These treats go above and beyond with their cute little berry shapes on top; made with food none the less. I’ve made something like this, but it was more of a chocolate covered cookie than anything ‘royal’; and it’s presentation wasn’t nearly as good as this.

  • Thanks sorrowscal – I’m glad you like the look of them.

    Do you have anything like chocolate royals where you live?
    Santa’s Letter Elf recently posted…Double Christmas treats [recipe]

    • sorrowscall says:

      Well, I know there’s something like that around North America, but on the southern part of it, so far all I’ve seen even close to a royal is a chocolate covered cherry.

      On another note, I love checking this blog, I always find recipes like this that the kids can help with.

      • I strongly believe in doing things as a family, especially as part of Christmas, so yes I prefer recipes that kids can be involved in.

        Chocolate coated cherries – they could give a fruity flavour to the mini puddings which could be rather nice. Chocolate coated liqueur cherries (which is what I see here) could be an adult version of this recipe, too.

  • Alphawolfdog says:

    These look absolutely delicious! I’d really love to make these! I’m not the best at baking so I’m sure the end result wouldn’t look nearly as good as yours XD. I know exactly what I’ll be preparing for this year’s Christmas Eve dinner dessert 🙂

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