Lego advent day 16

So, moving onto day sixteen of the Christmas count down!

The Lego city advent calendar opened onto a policeman tonight, much to my son’s delight – “that’s part of my police set in the calendar!”

Lego police man in a plastic bag (unmade)

This is how the Lego is presented most days…

“And yours is part of your café theme – you’re getting quite a big café together now!” he told his sister after she found a sweets display stand in her Lego Friends calendar. It is basically a small table with a multi-layered cake and a lollipop on it.

Lego cake and lollipop stall

Special treats – cakes, lollipops!

And I must say that it finally registered to me tonight that the ‘ice-cream stall’ was actually a cake stall – the little ice-creams are actually cupcakes! And if you add that stall with the oven, mugs and tonight’s display, it is adding up to a little café which makes perfect sense for skiers and skaters!

If you missed what the calendars gave us yesterday, you can catch up on day fifteen. Read the introduction to our Lego advent reviews for the whole picture.

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  • aliangel3499 says:

    “‘And yours is part of your café theme – you’re getting quite a big café together now!’ he told his sister”

    Aw, it seems like he noticed that her calendar had a bit less to do and wanted to cheer her up. I have to say, I was a bit sad to hear the last line from yesterday’s calendar. I know some parents have the idea that Lego should be for boys so Lego might have tried to please everyone by making Lego Friends a”girl set” and Lego City is a “boy set”. I personally don’t believe in separating toys by gender, but it may be why there is less to do.

    Hopefully the end products for both set will help level out both sets.

    • My son is very loving and he would try to cheer her up, Ali, and he loves Lego enough he will always find a positive about it 🙂

      I also dislike gender based toys – kids should be able to play with whatever they like. I was very reluctant to see Lego bring in a girls’ range as I never thought the original range was a boy thing anyway. I am pleased that not all the Lego Friends stuff is ‘girly’ (a vet in the jungle is my daughter’s favourite set!) and the same quality is there, but pushing girls and boys into roles makes me uncomfortable. I agree that is why the calendars are uneven in terms of construction, too, but I hope they will even out a bit more by the end.

  • phenix says:

    Christmas is such a great time of the year for children. Its a time where family can take time out of there busy schedule and connect with there little ones. I love the “special treats- cakes, lollipops” lego castle its super cute and it looks for fun for building with little girls 🙂

    • Thanks for your comment Phenix 🙂

      I love Christmas myself, but I agree that is very special for and with children. It is so much fun watching their excitement! And it is a good time for doing many fun things together.

      The special treats stand is cute and my daughter loved building it 🙂

      • ellyjude says:

        My children enjoy Christmas so much that sometimes i wish i would reverse time and be a child once more. Children do not have to think of the heavy budget that comes with this festive season. All they do is run round demanding for gifts. I just have to meet their expectations so that they could also enjoy this time like other kids in the neighborhood. All in all it is always the best moment for most of us.

        • I know what you mean Ellyjude – I love Christmas but there are downsides (like budgets and planning meals, etc) that kids just don’t have to deal with. I figure I can’t be a kid again, but I can at least share their pleasures and ensure we do lots of Christmassy things to keep it fun for me, too.

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  • clair02 says:

    I’m so in love with lego this year. I can’t wait to get them for my kids and experience all that fun as a family. I wish I had had such toys growing up. Makes me feel like I missed out on a lot of fun…

    • I hope you take some time to play with the Lego, too, Clair – there’s no rule it’s only for kids 🙂 I didn’t have Lego as a kid either – didn’t miss it then but I now think it would have been such a great activity to have had.

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