Lego advent review for day 20

Moving onto day twenty of the Christmas count down! Remember you can read introduction to our Lego advent reviews or catch up on day nineteen.

So, tonight my son got a snowman which he is happy with. This snowman has a scarf so looks a little different from the Friends snowman found on day four.

Collage of the Lego city advent calendar snowman

The Lego Friends advent calendar gave my daughter the pieces to construct two yellow arches – she called them bridges while my son called them rooves. I’m not sure what their purpose is and am hoping that will become clearer with tomorrow’s discovery! Mind you, my daughter was quite happy with them and having to build them.

Yellow arches from Lego Friends

4 Responses to Lego advent review for day 20

  • ellyjude says:

    With most of the kids receiving cool gifts from advent, they won’t wish this Christmas mood to ever fade.

  • ellyjude says:

    So how will they feel when it is all over? They’ll definitely want more gifts and will never wish the Christmas tree removed from the house. It is worse when your kids are below 5 years because convincing them will seem impossible.

    • I think it is partly how it is presented to them, Ellyjude – my kids know the advent calendar is about counting down to Christmas so it won’t last past Christmas Eve. And they usually get enough presents on Christmas Day to compensate for no advent calendar that day!

      Beyond that, it’s just part of learning that they don’t always get things and that Christmas wouldn’t be so special if it was an everyday occurrence 🙂 Kids always want more toys, etc, and it’s part of our job to teach them that it doesn’t happen that way.
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