Lego advent review for day 23

Moving onto day 23 of the Christmas count down! Remember you can read introduction to our Lego advent reviews or catch up on day 22.

But onto tonight’s calendar…

My son’s Lego City calendar gave him what we took as a space ship which nicely matched last night’s two rockets. Then my son realised that it actually attaches to last night’s tower and creates a space craft. Considered as one or two items, my son is quite happy with it 🙂

Lego City advent calendar spaceship

Sticking to the a Christmas sentiment, my daughter was very pleased to get a Christmas tree! Not surprisingly, the City and Friends trees were compared – Friends has a taller tree but no presents, and it has lights rather that just ornaments on the City tree.

Collage of Lego Friends Christmas Tree

With only one more flap to open, we’re getting close to Santa’s arrival… It will be an interesting climax to find out what we get tomorrow night 🙂

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  • mayasupernova says:

    Wow I loved this. This just a perfect thing for kids. And today, when it is actually a Christmas Day, I hope the kids are just being so happy. Those those toys are great, and I just love that Christmas tree.
    Good job!

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  • larryl332 says:

    No Christmas setting is complete without the tree, so it is nice to see that you got yours up. I am trying to remember if I am thinking of LEGO in a tree I used to have, but I am thinking Playmobil now. Anyways, good stuff, and it is all coming together for you.

  • Alex says:

    First year doing a Lego advent calendar, so it took us a minute to figure out where the build instructions were. The extra pieces didn t help, either!

    Our question, assuming we got the same extra pieces that you did, do those extra pieces end up combining with extra pieces from other days to make a bonus item?
    Alex recently posted…Day five of Lego advent calendars

    • Hi Alex, that’s a really interesting question. But no, the extra pieces were just spares and didn’t combine specifically with each other – there’s not much more you can do with a Lego ice-skate for instance!

      Of course, we’re onto the 2016 calendars now and it may be different this year (although I doubt it).
      Santa’s Letter Elf recently posted…Day five of Lego advent calendars

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