Tinkles the elf

Invitation to make gingerbread

Even without a crystal ball, I think I can see some cooking in my future today!

It was easy to find Tinkles this morning as she was in the middle of the kitchen bench, on a chopping board and a request to make some gingerbread people. She’d even managed to get out some Santa and person biscuit cutters for us!

Tinkles colouring in Santa!

Tinkles is artistic! Or at least she is careful and colours between the lines nicely 🙂

Christmas elf colouring in a Love Santa picture

Tinkles was discovered this morning colouring in a Love Santa colouring sheets! She has done some beautiful shading so far, with just part of the S in Santa to go before finishing off Santa’s face.

Probably just as well Baby Elf is in her high chair rather than in reach of those pens…

I wonder if Tinkles was colouring in to relax and be mindful or if she was a bit tired and just happy to sit quietly after her trip with Australia Post yesterday.


Love Santa offers Christmas activities and crafts to download for free


A different way to arrive!

This morning, the kids looked unsuccessfully for Tinkles but finally found a note near Baby Elf in her cradle beside the Christmas tree…

Baby elf in cradle beside a Christmas tree with a note from Tinkles

The note told the children that if all went well, Tinkles may be somewhere unusual this morning as she was trying a different mode of travel today.

Tinkles' note "I'm heading off to teh North Pole now. I'm trying a different way to get back in the morning (I hope it works!) so I may be somewhere unexpected when you get up..."

The note from Tinkles was “I’m heading off to the North Pole now. I’m trying a different way to get back in the morning (I hope it works!) so I may be somewhere unexpected when you get up…”

Puzzled, the kids ate their breakfast and wondered where Tinkles could possibly be.  They realised Tinkles didn’t come via the chimney or Christmas tree, and suddenly thought more mundane and raced each other the the letterbox!

CHristmas elf hanging out of a letterbox

Poor Tinkles appeared to have got stuck in the flap of the letterbox, or maybe she didn’t like the idea of falling down into the letterbox?


Elves in a sleigh!

I’m not sure if the elves travelled back to the North Pole last night in a sleigh pulled by a boomer, but it is certainly where we found Tinkles and Baby Elf this morning!

Christmas elf and baby elf is Santa;s sleigh pulled by a boomer

The boomer usually sits on our mantlepiece but we hadn’t seen the sleigh before today! I think the sleigh can stay with the boomer up there now though…


If an elf visits your house, where did you find him or her this morning?

Tinkles has a baby elf!

We have a baby elf in the house!

Baby Christmas elf in a cradle with a bottle and dummy

The children looked around the house for Tinkles this morning, then found her in front of her door. Only, this time Tinkles was not alone! Inside a cradle beside the Christmas tree, we spotted a baby elf!

She is very cute and even has a milk bottle and dummy in the cradle with her 🙂

My daughter absolutely loves babies so she is beside herself with excitement to find there is now a baby elf in our house (I have to clarify that it is a baby elf as we already have a number of her babies living with us!) She is also happy to find the baby elf on the day she transitions to a new school – I suspect Tinkles chose today to give her a confidence boost so thank you Tinkles 🙂


Snowman visiting from the North Pole

Oh dear, I don’t think went well for the snowman Tinkles invited to our house overnight…

Christmas elf with a bowl of water containing two eyes and a carrot nose

8 December, Christmas elf and advent calendar catch up

We did of course have our usual search for Tinkle this morning, just to find her in the lounge room trying to sneak a peek at tonight’s advent calendar items! I just didn’t get it posted this morning because, well, it’s Sunday and a bit of variety is a good thing, right?

Not only is her hand instead the Harry Potter Lego advent calendar, but we can see the flap for day 8 in the City Lego advent calendar has also been pushed in a bit – cheeky elf tried peeking at both calendars!

Lego advent calendars for 2019

Although I haven’t done daily posts this year, we do have two Lego advent calendars on the go – my daughter has the Harry Potter one this year (the Friends one seems to be hit and miss so we may as try something exciting!) while my son has the City calendar (which he is happy with but also a little jealous to not get the Harry Potter version!)

Lego Harry Potter advent calendar, set 75964

This set is exciting as it’s new and different, and because it is a character and book/movie series my kids enjoy (as far as they have got anyway – we limit them to those we feel they are old enough for so they only know the first three books/movies).

The scene is obviously the great hall at Hogwarts.

Day one was a harry mini fig, followed by Professor McGonagall on day 6. Hogwarts Express (the train) was behind flap two, and I even got to make that one.

My daughter was thrilled to get two Christmas trees on day 3 and then a fancier Christmas tree on day 4 as well! This advent calendar is making her much happier than the Friends calendars so it was a good choice for this year.

The Gryffindor flag pole is nice and I love the bench as it truly invokes images of the students gathering in the Hogwarts great hall. Harry and the Professor sitting there with goblets in hand also reminded me of drinking butter beer in the  Three Broomsticks Inn!

Note the Slytherian flags are actually from day 9 as Tinkles was in the way to my daughter getting out the day 8 item! We just swapped for today!

Lego City advent calendar, set 60235

Like most years, the City calendar has a winter and snow theme – it would be nice to see that changed up a bit next year but I’m not holing my breath!

This calendar has also had two mini figs so far – a boy wearing a propeller cap and a man in a parka with a broom for clearing away snow. The first day revealed a snow plough and the second day was a catapult.

On day four, we discovered a structure that the catapult can, if aimed well, can throw a snow ball – as per previous years, this may be something that makes more sense to those living in snowy climates than it does to us! My son thought he got a strange Christmas tree on day five, but it was more of a log with an axe and chopping stump.

The Christmas tree was on day six and today he made some presents to go under the tree.


How do you make a gingerbread house?

Tinkles had the idea of making a gingerbread house today, which is a lovely idea, but in trying to make one before us we can see her ideas are not quite the same as ours…

Christmas elf preparing to build a gingerbread house

Well, it is logical to use ginger and bread to make gingerbread, but not quite the reality! And in building our house we do use drills and screwdrivers, amongst other tools, so getting them out also makes some sense, but not what I usually use for preparing anything edible!

And having got out some tools and ingredients, I think it became a little difficult for Tinkles so she adjusted her note to us and stopped making her house…

christmas elf holding a note about starting to build a gingerbread house

Has your elf been a bit literal or logical with anything in your house?

A Christmas mummy in our bathroom!

“Mummy, Tinkles needs a blindfold back on!”

This morning, Tinkles was found wrapped up like a mummy, sitting on the towel rack in the main bathroom.

Tinkles the Christmas Elf wrapped as a mummy

Above her head was a piece of paper asking a question…

Tinkles the Christmas Elf wrapped as a mummy,asking why do mummies love Christmas

And besides Tinkles was the answer…

Tinkles the Christmas Elf wrapped as a mummy, because they are good wrappers

My son in particular enjoyed the play on words to create the joke. And made him remember to finish reading Bab Sharkey and the animal mummies (third in a series by Andrew Hensen and Jessica Roberts – they are funny and a great read for mid to primary school kids).

But back to the greeting I hadn’t expected from my daughter this morning… Apparently Tinkles sitting in the bathroom was a bit much for the kids and their desire for privacy! My son showered in the en suite instead of the bathroom (lucky he had an option!) and then I covered Tinkles’ eyes so my daughter could use the bathroom! I’m sure Tinkles was just looking for an interesting place to tell her joke…

Tinkles the Christmas Elf wrapped as a mummy, eyes covered

Tinkles finished the Lego Christmas train!

Tuesday morning, we discovered that Tinkles had brought a Lego Christmas train and yesterday morning Tinkles had partially made the train set.

During the afternoon and evening yesterday, Tinkles did some more Lego train building…

and actually finished the train itself…

Overnight, she covered the full Lego set and went off to play pin the nose on the snowman with the tooth elf!

However, during the day as the kids were at school she has gone back to Lego building apparently as this is what we just found:

Tinkles with her completed Lego Christmas train set!

The Lego Christmas train set, 40262

For those who are interested in Lego sets, here is a quick summary of this Christmas train set…

When complete, the set consists of a locomotive engine and two train carriages, three mini figures (a driver, a passenger and a stall holder), a Christmas tree, a street lamp with wreath, a picnic table and two food/drink stalls. It’s actually quite a lot for a compact set. There were 169 pieces in total.

It is small so easily fits in with other sets, either Christmas sets, general village sets, or even to make a town from pieces in previous Lego advent calendars. Apparently it is easy enough that an elf without fingers can create it 🙂 I like that there are distinct components so you can split the build up if need be, like to enable siblings to work on it together or for a child not yet able to focus on a bigger build.



A Lego Christmas train takes shape…

It was no surprise that my son ran to the lunge room when he got up this morning, looking to see if Tinkles had left the Lego Christmas train set for him to play with.

I think it was a mix of pleasure and disappointment when he found that Tinkles had opened the box and started building the set herself – he is happy Tinkles shares his love of Lego, but still itching to build it himself!

Tinkles the elf with Lego instructions and pieces

Building a Lego train set

You may have picked up that we are a Lego family – my son in particular loves Lego, but two of his sisters have also been keen Lego builders, and as a family we’ve enjoyed a number of Lego advent calendars. And now it turn out that our elf Tinkles is also happy to build Lego!

To their surprise, the kids found Tinkles this afternoon in the lounge room, having set herself up nicely with a red cloth (easier to spot Lego pieces there than on the carpet!) and an unopened Lego Christmas train set.

Tinkles the elf with a Lego train set box

My son is bursting to open the box himself and make it, but Tinkles can’t be touched of course so I have told him we must wait and see what Tinkles has in store for us.

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