Tinkles the elf

Tinkles playing Monopoly!

We were amused to find Tinkles playing Monopoly this morning! She was sitting under the Christmas tree with Santa and my daughter’s two inherited porcelain dolls.

They were playing Junior Monopoly – I’m not sure if it’s because it is a new game for them all or if it was just easier to grab from my son’s room – what a pity we don’t have Christmas Monopoly here for them.

If you look closely, you ca also see that the tokens being used in this game are actually Lego pieces from the Lego City advent calendar my son is progressing through this month! Tinkles has grabbed the woman with a shovel, the boy (I called him a thief, my kids call him a boy!), the huskie and the snowman.

Tinkles the elf helping with the dishes

Having moved from my daughter’s room, we found that Tinkles got herself into the dishwasher with the clean dishes! Not sure where her mobile phone has gone though 🙂


Christmas elf in the dishwasher with clean dishes

Tinkles calling Santa?

My daughter was very excited to find Tinkles in her bedroom this morning, and we think we have discovered how she reports back to Santa as she was holding a mobile phone…

Tinkles the elf admires my babies…

Well I think my babies were very cute so I can see why Tinkles would sit and stare at their photos this morning!

Tinkles the elf sitting on framed baby photos

Tinkles’ eggcellent artwork

No one was sure where Tinkles had got to this morning (she certainly wasn’t on the footy any more) until I opened the fridge to get things out to make school lunches. And there was Tinkles, sitting on the eggs, texta in hand, with her drawings staring up at me!

Tinkles the elf lying on eggs in the fridge, holding a texta

What’s the cheekiest thing your elf has done this Christmas?

Tinkles the Tiger fan…

Hiding in plain sight, Tinkles was in the corner of the family room this morning, checking out her balancing skills by sitting on a Richmond footy – the children were very proud of her! This resulted in a lot of “Carn the Tiges” and “Yellow and Black” as we ate breakfast…

Christmas elf sitting on a Richmond footy

Tinkles riding a Lego Dragon!

My son was the first to spot Tinkles the elf today – not surprisingly as he loves to get down with his Lego every chance he gets! But he didn’t expect to find Tinkles riding his Ninjago dragon!

Elf sitting on a red Lego Ninjago dragon

A hungry elf?

So the search was on this morning as the kids tried to find Twinkles – she was no longer under the tree as we left her last night!

In the end, I found her in the pantry so I wonder if she was hungry after her big trip from the North Pole yesterday? Or maybe she’s taking stock to see who is taking too many sweet treats?

Tinkles the elf sitting on a pantry shelf

Welcome back elves!

Tinkles the elf arrived in our house this morning, fresh from the North Pole and Santa.

Tinkles the elf sitting in red tinsel


I know some elves have arrived during the week in preparation for today – I guess it is too hard for Santa to magic them all in the same day! – but they are now all on duty. I wonder if kids’ behaviour will suddenly improve 🙂

Anyway, Tinkles arrived, sitting under our newly decorated tree with Santa and a special letter from Santa…

Tinkles the elf sitting by Santa under the Christmas tree

She also seems to have brought some balls with her for the kids to play with! Has an elf arrived in your house, with or without a gift?

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