Christmas Lights

One of the ways to experience the magic of Christmas is to look at the beautiful light displays. Of course, many are done by individual families so are not necessarily in public places and are often hidden in side streets. So we like to share where some of the best lights are then you can map out your trips to fit in some light magic 🙂

Here are our light lists for each state/territory…


West Australia

South Australia



Northern Territory

New South Wales


To help you decide how far out of your way to travel to see these lights, we also started a ranking system for them:

4 Santas – spectacular displays that are an event in themselves

3 Santas – displays that are worth taking a detour to on your way home

2 Santas – displays that locals should know about for choosing the best route home

1 Santa – nice displays that perhaps aren’t worth travelling to, but are enjoyable just the same

18 Responses to Christmas Lights

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  • karmaskeeper says:

    Christmas lights are so perfect for a family event. When it comes to sharing special moments, and making the holiday season a big to do this is a must. Loading every one up in the car, and singing carols a long the way. Seeing the faces of kids light up with pure joy as they experience the lights in all different shapes and colors. Blinking on and off again and again. It truly is a special time to be shared with special people.

    • Beautifully put, karmaskeeper 🙂

    • C. Lenell says:

      Yes, I do agree with you. We have a local light show in our county and we went for the first time last year to see them. We can’t wait to go again this year, we’ll probably go while they are on Christmas break. Yes, it truly is a must see because lights just seem to bring a twinkle in everyone’s eye. My military husband even was enthused with the lights!

  • holunderminze says:

    Beautiful lights are a must for christmas time.

  • C. Lenell says:

    We just finished putting up our lights for this year. We usually outline our house with colored lights, then we put a sleigh with a reindeer on the lawn with candy canes and lighted gifts. We also have a snow man in the yard with them. This year I did not put out my miniature lighted trees because my husband says when it snows they get covered. I agree with Holunderminze, beautiful lights are a must for Christmas time.

    • It sounds very nice, C. Is there another way you can show off your miniature lighted trees – perhaps placed in some windows so they are still visible from outside?

      • larryl332 says:

        This does sound very nice indeed. I like the miniatures, and for some reason they have a way of bringing out the season for me.

  • Nikkishea21 says:

    I look forward to the styles of lighting on a yearly basis and some of them just have you rooted in one spot and staring endlessly on the creation. I know that on my street persons go to the extreme to decorate their homes and surroundings during this time, it is like a competition. The 15 of December or somewhere thereabout have individuals from all over coming to view the decorations and voting for the best one. It is made into a fund raising venture to benefit a charitable cause, i love it.

  • larryl332 says:

    I love Christmas lights in all their forms, and I have to say that I have seen some pretty strange ones, especially this year for some reason. Competition is always nice too.

    • What sort of weird displays are you seeing Larry? Our street is getting more and more into lights each year, but it’s all done in friendship (one guy ends up helping the rest of us as he is the driver behind it!) rather than competition and I sort of like that.
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  • Silvia says:

    Few more weeks and it’s Christmas again – I hope I’ll see more stunning Christmas lights decoration here!

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