Christmas Lights

One of the ways to experience the magic of Christmas is to look at the beautiful light displays. Of course, many are done by individual families so are not necessarily in public places and are often hidden in side streets. So we like to share where some of the best lights are then you can map out your trips to fit in some light magic 🙂

Here are our light lists for each state/territory…


West Australia

South Australia



Northern Territory

New South Wales


To help you decide how far out of your way to travel to see these lights, we also started a ranking system for them:

4 Santas – spectacular displays that are an event in themselves

3 Santas – displays that are worth taking a detour to on your way home

2 Santas – displays that locals should know about for choosing the best route home

1 Santa – nice displays that perhaps aren’t worth travelling to, but are enjoyable just the same

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