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Happy little girl shows her Love Santa surprise with glee

Tell us about a special child in your life and we will send them a personalised letter (every letter is individually edited by a professional writer) designed for Australian children.

Each letter comes in its own envelope & with little surprises* and acknowledges the positive about each child.

Questions? See information after the form or call us on 03 9018 8182 for help.

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Filling in the order form

  • Please double check the spelling of names! These will not be edited.
  • Check that the red preview text reads properly – especially check that whatever capitalisation you have used is appropriate in the preview text – only use capital letters for things that need them – names and places need capitals but most toys don’t.
  • List presents the child really does want (and you’re happy for them to have! Santa DOES pay attention to requests remember). Love Santa letters will not promise the child gets anything in particular.
  • Read more tips here


You can choose from 7 background designs for each letter. When you select a background you will see a preview on the form, otherwise click here to see the backgrounds in a new tab.


We hope you and the kids love the letters as so many others have!


Over The Moon

Little Blake, who is 6 years old was sooo excited when he received his letter from Santa,
And we were Over The Moon to hear the joy in his voice on the phone when was telling us how Santa actually found him.
We would like to thank you very much for bringing so much joy to one little boy.

Merry Christmas . To All of You …

Ann and Ray.

Ray and Ann Jones

A little bit of magic

Thank you so much for sending a little bit of magic in the mail for our son. He loved it and had a laugh, as well as feeling special. For a family who is having a hectic, disrupted time, your service made it easy for me to take a job off my plate that I usually do myself. I wasn’t disappointed. THANK YOU!


Wow! Expectations surpassed ten fold.

My Mother and Father in Laws sent a Santa Postcard to my 2 girls over 30 years ago and when I saw your website I thought I would like to do the same for my 2 grandsons…

The letters “blew me away”

It was as if I had written them myself, from my heart. Even though I had ordered two, they were very individual and personalised, incorporating all the information I had given you, in beautifully written letters.

My grandsons looked amazed when they read their own letters and Santa knew that one loved footy and one loved soccer. Their mouths dropped open when Santa wrote that he knew they loved having lots of sleepovers at Grandmas and that they had a new baby cousin and even knew her name.

The tongue twisters, different in each letter, are still being practised and perfected accompanied by much laughter.

The lovely young man who answered the phone when I rang, to ask was it possible to have more space to include more family members was friendly and very helpful and quickly added more space for me.

The service all round was exemplary and far exceeded my expectations.

Thank you so much for giving my grandsons such a lovely Christmas experience and memory to be treasured. The looks on their faces was priceless!

I will sending them again next year and will include other children I know because I know they will love them too.


So realistic!

I have ordered Santa letters for my nephew every year, at different places, and this is the first one that actually used all the information I gave. It made the letter so realistic that I even forgot I ordered the letter.
Job well done! See you next year.

Dot Brown

Two completely different letters!

I cannot even begin to explain the absolute joy on my children’s faces when their letters arrived! I ordered a Santa letter and sibling letter, and they were both so beautifully written!

What I loved even more was that the sibling letter wasn’t just a copy – each child received an individual personalised letter, worded differently from each other! I have been raving about these letters to everyone and will definitely be making this part of our yearly tradition. It was such a beautiful inexpensive way to bring a little bit of magic into their Christmas’s. Thank you so much!


Loved our letters!

The letters have been received. many thanks.  The kids absolutely loved them – especially my eldest (who is 6).  She seemed to know as soon as she saw the red envelopes who they were from and couldn’t wait to open it.  She loved the tongue twister the best.  The Christmas recipe and stickers were a nice touch. 

Many thanks and I will definitely be recommending you and using you again next year.




Letters made me teary

All the children in my house received letters from Santa. Each one so beautiful and unique reflecting both the child and the world around them. I may have gotten teary – thank you Santa for your beautiful letters.



Felt more personalised

Hi, our letters arrived. It’s been a great service thank you. They were very happy.

I’ll definitely get you to do them next year too as it felt more personalised.

My daughter couldn’t believe how much he knew. It was a priceless reaction as she can now read.

Funny story in regards to Santa tracking them down as I thought we were going to be elsewhere (so Santa’s letter said he’d find us away from home!) and aren’t so had some strange explaining to do…

Thank you so much for adding to the spirit of Xmas. These letters are also lovely keepsakes.



Beautiful to see kids’ faces!

Our Love Santa letters arrived promptly and the children were very excited.

Mum videoed Annika (soon to be 9) as it was priceless. She couldn’t believe that ‘he knows what I want. Santa knows’ – it was beautiful to see her reaction.




Merry Xmas to you too


Will be recommending you to many!

Just wanting to confirm receipt of the 2 letters which were absolutely fabulous Thankyou!!

I will be recommending you to many, excellent service and a great price.


Thankyou very much!



* Note we no longer include balloons with our letters as the environmental damage of balloons is too great, but we still have a lovely surprise for the children.