Making personalised Love Santa letters special

If you are giving a special child a personalised letter, you want it to be special and something they will not only enjoy but also make them feel special and valued.

Santa Lady writing a listAs Santa’s Letter Elf, I will do my best to make every letter positive and exciting, but you can help make it truly personalised when requesting a Love Santa letter.

Tips for placing a Love Santa letter order

  1. use the name the child likes – if everyone calls Timothy Tim, he will be surprised Santa calls him Timothy!
  2. write information as if to the child – don’t tell me about it
  3. be particularly careful with spelling anything unusual – I can change ipod to iPod easily enough but if I don’t recognise something I have to accept it is correct.
  4. actively choose backgrounds and wording – I strongly recommend having different wording for siblings, and different backgrounds is fun
  5. only use capital letters where necessary – most toys and good deeds don’t need a capital unless you use a name
  6. list gift ideas that match what the child wants – don’t just write what you want him or her to get as the letter is about the child. Don’t worry – Santa never promises to bring anything specific as he prefers to surprise children anyway!
  7. it is nice to include good deeds from throughout the year rather than just the last week or so – but very young children have shorter memories!

    Scrapbook pages of Love Santa letters

    Love Santa Letters look great as scrapbook pages

  8. choosing a different design from previous years adds to the surprise and excitement – and makes for a colourful collection if the letters are kept from year to year

I strongly believe that Christmas can be for adults, too, and the magic around Christmas is fun, so go ahead and enjoy the process of ordering a Love Santa letter.

And enjoy the anticipation of waiting until the postie delivers letters to those special little people!

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