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Love the idea of arranging a Santa letter for someone special but left it until Christmas is almost here? It’s easy to do with all the things that need doing at this time of year, but it is disappointing for any child to miss out.

We can’t offer a personalised and enveloped letter just before Christmas as Australia Post just can’t deliver it in time. However, we have prepared a non-personalised Santa letter for Aussie and Kiwi children that you can print off for them – pop it in an envelope in the letter box, hang it from the Christmas tree or have it sticking out of a stocking hung by the chimney.

The more magic we can give children for Christmas, the better! (Did you know that Michael Grose believes Christmas magic is even more important for children than ever in this information age?)

Simply click on the button below to arrange for your downloadable Santa letter, and have a Merry Christmas!

Non-personalised Santa letter 2014

  • Love Santa letters delight Aussie children with mentions of warm celebrations, boomers and a snack for Santa girl reading a Love Santa letter

Non-personalised letter 2013

  • A professionally written letter from Santa, referring to Australia's warm Christmas and the boomers, that can be printed at home for children. Happy boy with a Love Santa letter

Non-personalised letter 2012

  • A letter from Santa to delight any child - professionally written to include details of a warm Christmas and the boomers! girl reading Love Santa letter to baby  

Non-personalised Love Santa letter 2011

  • Delight a child with a letter from Santa that talks about warm weather for Christmas so children can relate it to their own experiences. Happy girl holding Love Santa craft page

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