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  • kylara says:

    this is so cool lolzzzzz!

  • C. Lenell says:

    This is a wonderful idea! The question is which story to share? I have so many cute memories of my children when they were little; not too many of me, though. But my children have had a wonderful life, I think, and sharing their adventures would be great. I spoke about the Christmas lights recently; we always put them up when the kids are in school, this time we came home and all I heard was “OOOOh, the lights, they’re so pretty!!” Love it!

    • I love Christmas and enjoy hearing about how people have celebrated and had happy times, thus asking people to share their stories. I love surprising my kids with things, too – today I changed my son’s bed while he was at school; it was great seeing his face light up when he saw it 🙂

      Our issue with lights is that they are not so visible after school – it gets truly dark at about 9pm now!

  • evelyn says:

    Christmas is fun, lots of gift givings, but most of all , its the birthday of our lrd jesus christ so we reallyh have to celebrate and be glad that jesus is with us

  • evelyn says:

    having fun on christmas such as family get together is the real mèaning of christmas, we celebrate christmasby gift giving, bonding with the families,going out shopping, cooking a special dishes for our love ones,and its very happy to see the kids playing around with their cousins ,because jesus loves to see a happy family

    • Hi Evelyn – I agree that being with family and enjoying the magic of Christmas is what it’s all about. And I certainly think that Christmas with children running around is much more special and happy.

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