Sharing your Christmas stories with Love Santa

This blog is a place to share your Christmas memories and traditions (including those traditions that you have just started!)

You are welcome to read others’ stories, recipes and ideas, you can add comments to their stories and you can add your own stories. There is no charge to participating in the Love Santa blog, but there is a chance to win a prize!

Each month, we will choose a favourite post and reward that person with a Love Santa personalised letter. To enter, all you have to do is share your story with us.

To add your story, please go to the ‘Share Stories’ page and enter your name and story. You can choose a category and tags if you wish, but must provide an email address (which only Santa’s Elf will ever see).

If you would like to view your stories later or enter a number of stories easily, you can register on the site via the Share Stories page or by clicking register under the meta heading in the left menu. You will then receive an email with your username and password.

Stories and comments are all moderated before they go live (just to ensure it stays family friendly) but your story should be live not long after you post it.

Please respect the copyright of all stories, recipes and ideas in this blog. They are there for you to read, but not for copying elsewhere without the author’s written permission. If you wish to copy someone’s story, either link to their story in this blog or contact us to request permission.

Competition terms:

  1. Open to all Australian residents, but no one else
  2. Judging is at the discretion of Santa’s Elf and will be based on personal preferences. We don’t have to explain why we did (or didn’t) select a particular story so please don’t ask!
  3. The prize is one Love Santa personalised letter (valued at $10)
  4. One prize is drawn and announced at the start of each month May to January. The December prize will be announced on 15th December in order for the prize to be redeemed for that Christmas. Later December entries will go in the January competition.
  5. Any story not deemed suitable for publishing in the blog is not valid for the competition.
  6. Prize winners will be announced in the blog – in the ‘About Love Santa’ category.
  7. Only memories and ideas will be entered into the competition – recipes in the Santa’s Snacks section are not included.

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