Merry Christmas Australia!

The clocks have ticked over across Australia and it is now officially Christmas!

Have a wonderful day and we wish you much happiness, love and laughter for this festive season and throughout 2018.

2017 Lego City advent calendar completed

The complete set of the 2017 Lego City Advent Calendar

Continuing review of 2017 Lego advent calendars

While Christmas and animals are the concepts for these three days in the Friends calendar, the City calendar has moved away from vehicles …

Day 20…

Behind the 20th flap in the Lego Friends advent calendar was a Christmas tree – and as per previous years, the tree itself is different to the Lego City version.

Lego Friends Christmas tree beside Stephanie

Day 20 of the Lego City calendar, however, produced a man with chain saw – I’m not quite sure why, unless you think he was cutting down trees to be used as living Christmas trees?

Lego man with a chainsaaw

Day 21…

My daughter was happy to find two presents (including a jewel inside the larger box) to put under her Friends Christmas tree.

Christmas presents underneath a Lego Christmas tree

The City calendar addition for day 21 was, ah, interesting and took a little thought to identify what is was meant to be. We have decided it is an ice sculpture of a snow angel! What do you think it is?

Lego angel with wings

Day 22…

Well, there wasn’t much surprise to know that the Friends calendar had a black horse for day 22 , given we found it on day 16!

Black Lego horse with Stephanie and a dog

In the City calendar, however, my son found what he insists is a sleigh as “I haven’t got a sleigh for Santa yet”, rather than just a form of snow mobile/sled.

Lego sleigh from advent calendar

2017 Lego Advent Calendar review…

So we’re into December and advent calendars have begun…

Ours was a little delayed as we were out late on the first at a (surprise, surprise!) Christmas party with Santa and some gorgeous lights (I digress – photos from that party can be a different post!)

So, we again have both a Lego City and Lego Friends advent calendar and will share what the kids find each day (although we will group them into a few days at a time this year).

Lego Friends days one and two

The 2017 Lego Friends Advent Calendar play board

The 2017 Lego Friends Advent Calendar play board


My daughter wasn’t too excited on day one as she ‘only got’ a character, Stephanie, but she enjoyed the fact that Stephanie came with two party hats and a Christmas list!

Lego Friend Stephanie with a Christmas list

Day two was much more exciting as she had to build a snow-mobile for Stephanie.

Pile of Lego pieces to create a ski mobile

The pieces of the snow mobile

Lego girl on a ski-mobile

Stephanie riding the completed snow-mobile

Lego City days one and two

The 2017 Lego City Advent Calendar play board

The 2017 Lego City Advent Calendar play board

On the other hand, both my children loved the Lego City day one when my son got to build a toy train which fits nicely onto the tracks on the play board.

Lego train on teh tracks of the 2017 advent calendar

My son was also very excited on day two to discover he had a snow boarder.

Lego person on a snow board


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