How old is too old for Santa?

When does Santa stop visiting people in your family? Do you think that’s a good age?

Santa likes to fit in with each family, and wouldn’t upset anyone by coming when they feel they are too grown up for him to visit anymore, so he generally stops visiting children when they reach a certain age.

I am curious as to how families know it is time and if you have any traditions associated with that new stage, so let us know…

Books for kids

It isn’t always easy buying books for kids, especially if you don’t have kids in that age group yourself. Reading the cover of a book doesn’t always give a good indication of the appropriate age group – and I know I don’t always have time to read a book before I let my kids read it let alone for every kids I buy gifts for at Christmas.

I was very impressed by a Dymocks catalogue not long ago as they did list the age for books aimed at kids.

For anybody else after age appropriate ideas, I found an Australian site listing some good books at a couple of ages – and asking for more people to add to their list so it may be bigger by now with luck.

Books are such a great gift but only if it meets the requirements of the reader. Do you give many books as gifts?

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