She sees you when you’re sleeping…

She knows when you’re awake,
She knows if you’ve been bad or good
So be good for goodness sake!

Just in case the kids had forgotten that Tinkles, Baby Elf and Santa are ever watchful, they each woke this morning to find an elf beside them!

Baby Elf lying on a pillow – the hat was near by so we guess she got too hot and threw it off!

Tinkles was sitting in the corner of the bed …

* Lyrics are of course from Santa Claus is coming to town, originally by John Coots and Haven Gillespie and published in 1934. Interestingly, it was first played on a radio show by Eddie Cantor but he added additional verses encouraging people to be kind to each other!


first christmas in queens size bed

I remember one christmas when i was about 6, mum and dad decided to give my little sister and I their queen size bed. We went to bed on xmas eve as usual then mum & dad moved my sister into my bed while they pulled her bed apart, assembled the big bed and then moved us both into the big bed.

We sleeped through it all!Next morning we woke to look for santa sacks and found ourselves in onr big bed as well! It was funny! But we kept forgetting to tell people that ws our bg present…

Falling from bed

Christmas dreams in bedWhen I was about 6, I feel out of bed on Christmas Eve taking the mattress and blankets with me! Santa arrived to deliver presents and helped me – he lifted the bedding and me back onto the bed! He did it so well I didn’t even stir.

I don’t remember how I knew this – I guess Mum and Dad told me the next morning after Santa told them – but I knew it was a fact and I loved Santa for it 🙂

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