Cruise through Christmas

Would you ever have thought of taking a cruise to celebrate Christmas?

Joanna Hall suggests it as an alternative Christmas event and I admit it has got my imagination racing!

Whether as local as the Murray (traveling its length and experiencing the locks would be fascinating) or as exotic as Saigon or the Black Forest, it would certainly give you a Christmas to remember!

If you were going to cruise over Christmas, and forget practicalities like costs for a moment, which river or waterways would you like to cruise on? Would you go for a cold and potentially white Christmas or a warm southern celebration?

I think being on the ship at Christmas would bring the passengers and crew together in a way unlikely to occur on the same cruise at a different time so it would add an extra element to the cruise as well as being a different Christmas venue.

Christmas Traditions

Christmas is celebrated differently between families; each family having different rituals and traditions that are passed down over the years.

Some people open presents on Christmas Eve, some on Christmas Day and others after Christmas.Little girl in a Santa hat opening a Christmas gift

And others dance around their tree and sing songs as part of their celebrations.

My family doesn’t even have a tree at Christmas, we decorate the fireplace and chimney!

Though it is for the same thing, each family celebrates this day (well month really) in slightly different ways.

I’m curious as to what other people do – are we the only ones without a tree?

* Image courtesy of 123rf

International traditions

Hi, I have some homework where I have to find about some different ways people celebrate Christmas around the world. Can anyone please give me any answers?

I live in Australia.

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