Christmas Day

Merry Christmas!

It is now Christmas Day and we wish you a wonderful day filled with love, laughter and friendship.

If you’re in a heat wave like us, remember to drink plenty of water and stay cool.

Merry Christmas Australia!


two young girls in front of a Christmas tree

Enjoy your Christmas with the excitement of a child 🙂

I saw santa!

Santa's sleigh and reindeer in lightsBack in the day when I was say 5 or 6 years old, I saw Santa on Christmas day.

I remember we stayed on the ground floor of a big apartment and we had a fake fireplace. I wondered how Santa got in to bring us our presents. Then I sat at the window thinking he is magic, he can do anything and he has brought me awesome presents today!

Right then I looked into the sky and say the him and the reindeer flying across the horizon and I just felt all warm inside. Now that I am older I know more, but I still swear that is what I saw.

Merry Christmas, Love Santa

It is now Christmas morning, kids across Australia are waking up to find their Santa stocking and check out what is under the tree so it’s time for everyone at Love Santa to wish you a…

Merry Christmas!


Have a great day with lots of laughs and love!

children opening stockings form Santa on Christmas morning

Delving into Santa sacks on Christmas morning is FUN!

Working as Santa’s Elfs

It had been a rough year money wise. Christmas Eve was here and there wasn’t going to be anything under the tree. Luckily the kids were all small and probably wouldn’t even realize that Christmas had come without a visit from Santa.

I decided to at least bake some cookies for the holiday. Mainly to lift my own spirits.

I was just taking out the last pan when my brother-in-law showed up. He helped pack up the 3 children and fresh baked cookies so we could spend the night and Christmas day with the rest of the family.

After getting all the kids asleep for the night, he proceeded to open his closet which was piled to the ceiling with boxes. He started to pull stuff out handing it to us. It was toys! He worked for a donation center. All the toys had been donated but rejected because they weren’t in very good shape.

tools for reconstructions (sewdriver, thread, pliers & glue)Until the wee hours of the morning we fixed and rebuilt cars, dolls, stuffed bears and tricycles.

When we were finished there was more toys than all our kids needed. My husband and his brother loaded the extras in the car and using a list my brother had gotten ahold of, took off and left presents at doors of other struggling families with small children.

The next morning watching the kids tear open the gifts made me happy but the fact of what we had accomplished made me feel the happiest. Really felt like one of Santa’s elfs.

Retired toymakers helping Santa in Africa

I read a story about some men in Brisbane who are making toys for kids in Africa. Just little wooden blocks and trucks, but for kids who are sick in a poor place so usually just play with blown up gloves which is too sad.

Even nicer, some nurses from Brisbane are taking the toys to Africa and giving them straight to kids’ hands on Christmas morning – not just sending a brown box.

Smile from young nurses with gifts and things to teach local nurses will make a lovely Christmas so me gratitude to retired men and nurses if that ok.

Wooden blocks with Santa images

Wooden blocks can be used many ways by young children

Christmas mess…

I just came across this thought in a magazine (Your Child in Banyule & Nillumbik to be precise) and loved it:

one of the most glorious messes in the world is the mess created in the lounge room on Christmas Day. Don’t clean it up too quickly.

I love that mess (especially compared to the mess my kids usually make…) all the wrapping paper and packaging strewn across the floor, new clothes, books and toys scattered around, topped off with tinsel and decorations around the room. It evokes happy feelings of sharing and giving, and its bright and colourful. Love it!

I never clean it up before we go out for Christmas lunch, and generally leave it for Boxing Day (isn’t that the point of Boxing Day anyway??) Does that make me unusual?

Dressing up

How much do you dress up for Christmas Day? Is it a special occasion you get a new outfit for or choose your best clothes in advance? Maybe you have a casual day with the family and wear whatever you grab from the drawer that morning?

I can’t say I buy something new for Christmas Day, but I certainly do my best to look nice and consider dressing up to be part of the celebration (that is, making it a day out of the ordinary).

All my family dresses nicely, if not in their ‘good clothes’, but a couple of my in laws are much more casual (everyday t-shirts and shorts) which surprised me the first year or so. Having said that, they are neat and clean, and I don’t think they have dressy clothes for other occasions either so it works for them and no one seems to mind.

As a kid, we spent half the day on the beach so we mostly wore our good clothes there and then wore bathers!

Do you find that your entire family dresses to the same ‘code’? Does it matter to anyone on the day?

A different day

When my parents first got married, my maternal grandparents realised there would be a clash of places to be on Christmas Day. So instead of making mum and dad choose between their families or splitting the day in half, my grandparents came up with a family celebration on the Sunday before Christmas.

The tradition has stuck and we’ve celebrated that way ever since.

And it has made life easier as mum’s siblings got partners, too, and then the grandchildren got partners, and people had interstate relatives… Not only does it reduce the stress of Christmas Day, it has allowed us to celebrate together before some went interstate to be with other family.

Works for us, anyway.

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