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Christmas tree festival

Have you ever heard  of a Christmas tree festival?

What is a Christmas tree festival?

Christmas tree festival photos

Apparently fairly common in England, and perhaps all of the UK, I have first heard about these in the 2016 Christmas season.

Luckily, Ellie T of Bicestor, Oxfordshire, was kind enough to explain them to me and share some photos of the festival she was involved in with her scout group.

Basically the local community come together to make a gallery of decorated Christmas trees. Usually in a church, local businesses, clubs scout groups, guide groups, schools and the like each pay for a tree and then decorate it however they wish. People then pay a donation to come and visit the gallery of trees, and all proceeds are directed by the involved church.

Ellie told me “they seem to be quite popular at the moment. We had to pay £19 for the tree and then decorate it. We can make a further donation to keep the tree or the church sell it to make a few more pennies. There were 80 trees in total for 2016 at St Edburg’s Church.

“The church also has a baptismal tree with a note of all the baptisms this year and a memory tree. They provide gift tags and you can write a message for a loved one no longer with us.”

Decroations made by scouts for their Christmas tree festival. I think it is a lovely idea. It would probably take a bit of effort to get one started in Australia as people don’t know about them – maybe they could be near some of the popular Christmas light displays!

Ellie also mentioned that she “came across a small chapel which was decorated with wreaths rather than trees! There were 80 of them also!”

Christmas tree cakes

For a bit of fun, make some cakes (or muffins) that look like Christmas trees 🙂 Sorry to share it so long after Christmas – I just got too busy, lol!

This is an easy activity to give the kids, too, and can become a gift-making exercise while you’re at it.

Christmas tree shaped cakes with candy cane trunks

Christmas tree cakes

Make a rectangular cake or brownie

Cool the cake

Cut the cake/brownie into triangles

Insert a candy cane into the cake half way along the base – to form the tree trunk

Use coloured icing to add lines of tinsel on the tree

Use dobs of icing or broken lollies to add other decorations to your tree

Let everything set then enjoy!

Really handy to give as gifts for the kinder or school class.

Of course, you could use a tree shaped cutter instead of triangles if you have that option, but the triangles are so easy and don’t waste any cake.

Are Santa decorations prominent in your home?

Santa Christmas tree decorations

Miscellaneous Santas amongst tree decorations

When you decorate your house and Christmas tree each year, does Santa feature very much?

On the tree, the front door or throughout the house, Santa can be part of your decorations. So do you choose to have him in large doses or just go for traditional Christmas images?


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