day 14

Advent calendars are up to day 14!

2016 Lego Christmas Advent Calendars

“Mummy, would you love a cup of tea?”

My daughter was quite excited tonight to find a teapot and mugs with a table in her Friends advent calendar. The table nicely matches the seats from last night, although the tray of cupcakes won’t fit on the table if the mugs are already there!

Collage of day 14 Lego Friedns advent calendar

Following all the cooking utensils, the cupcakes and Santa’s snack, my daughter asked “why is Lego giving me a feast?” to which my son answered “Well, Christmas usually has lots and lots of yummy food you know!” So it was established that the calendar is fitting the Christmas spirit!

Meanwhile, in Lego City for day 14, a helicopter was revealed for the remote control discovered yesterday. My son is very happy with and enjoyed flying it to the top of advent calendar itself and then having the ice hockey players admire it!

lego helicopter images

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Lego advent day 14

Moving onto day fourteen of the Christmas count down! Remember you can read introduction to our Lego advent reviews or catch up on day thirteen.

But onto tonight’s calendar… Lego City’s flap 14 revealed a red train engine. My son has already put the camera man in as a driver and has anticipated getting a train carriage in future calendar flaps.

Lego train from advent calendar

In complete contrast to last’s night find of an ice-cream stall, the Lego Friends calendar tonight produced an oven with a cake in it. Including a hinged door and a tray to sit the cake on, it is very cute and my daughter is quite happy with it.

Lego oven from advent calendar


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