day 17

Advent calendar days 17 and 18…

2016 Lego Christmas Advent Calendars

Day 17…

My daughter was very excited to find a Christmas related set of Lego for day 17. She found two presents – she had to make the gift boxes and had little hair clips to put inside the gifts.

Lego Friends gifts

Gift boxes partially made and containing a gift

Her brother was happy to have the second part of the bakery stall to put together.

Lego City bakery stall

Day 18…

Both children found their advent claendars today built on what they found on day 17. Lego City’s bakery stall now has a uniformed firefighter serving biscuits!

Lego firefighter at bakery stall

The Lego Friends calendar produced a Christmas tree to put the presents under. The tree was a little difficult to build – pieces on different angles based on a single connection point made it easy for pieces to fall apart as we pushed on them (and I say we but my six year old couldn’t do it so I ended up making the tree, although she added the star!)

Lego Friends Christmas tree

Previous days…

With only a week to go to Christmas, here are some of the previous days of the 2016 Lego advent calendars.

Lego advent day 17

We’re already up to day seventeen of our advent calendars – Christmas will be here before we know it!

The Lego City calendar made my son happy with a snow mobile for his police man – he loves all emergency services! There was a temporary worry when a ski was missing, but we found it on the floor and happiness resumed :

Police ski mobile from Lego advent calendar

For Friends, my daughter was happy to build two bench seats – and she loved the fact they fit nicely on two blue squares on the box layout. It also came with a small fire to keep the sitters warm…

Lego girls sitting on benches with mugs

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