Tinkles & Ginger hiding apart

It was Ginger, the newly named Baby Elf, that we spotted first today, sitting on top of some elves hanging on a window!

Tinkles took a little longer to find, but we found her cheeky face sticking out of a box of tacos! I hope she didn’t eat all the taco shells as I think that may be our dinner tonight now she’s put the idea into my head!

Where to host Christmas?

I’ve never spent Christmas Day anywhere but at a relative’s home. I understand that a restaurant appeals to some people, but it has never come up for our family gatherings and I’ve been happy with that.

This year, my in laws are due to host it (it swaps between two houses usually) but for health reasons they are less able to do so. So we were going to host it but we have some space issues (plus quite a few things on our plate) and my partner suggested we hire the local hall instead.

I’m torn between the two options and would love to hear other people’s opinions please…


  • convenient & can’t forget anything
  • need to do lots of tidying etc
  • places for babies to sleep (especially mine!)


  • have to pay to hire it
  • have to pack stuff (cutlery, tablecloths, decorations, etc)
  • lots of space (indoors and out) & parking
  • multiple toilets
  • will have to clean everything up that night – including taking rubbish with us
  • no dishwasher

Either way, I’ll have to do lots of cooking and kids will need supervision outside.

Has anybody hosted Christmas but in another venue? How did it go?

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