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Class Christmas gifts for 2018

We’re ahead of schedule this year and my children have already made their gifts to go their classmates!

This year, we have made Christmas bauble hair ties for the girls and Christmas tree ornaments for the boys. Next we just have to write out all the cards and attach the gifts…

Here are the final results…

Christmas bauble hair ties

A simple craft but hopefully something the girls will appreciate, we made some bauble hair ties. I had some boxes of little Christmas baubles, got some plain hair elastics and a glue gun.

Normally, the kids make these gifts but as they were busy with the ornaments and grandparent presents I started these – and given the hot glue, it was safer anyway.

baubles and hair elastics ready for craft

Using the hot glue gun, I added a dob of glue at the top of each bauble – choosing a point between the join mark on both sides of the bauble holder so there is no line showing in the final result.

adding glue to a Christmas bauble

It was then a simple act of popping the hair tie into the dob of glue and holding it briefly so the glue sets.

Christmas bauble glued to a hair elastic

It didn’t take very long to create the entire pile of hair ties, ready to give to the girls in my children’s class.

pile of Christmas bauble hair ties


Christmas tree ornaments

It is a little sexist, but assuming that the boys don’t want a hair tie for Christmas (none of them have long hair anyway!), we made something different for them. I found some simple plaster ornament sets in Kmart so the kids have a lovely afternoon painting the decorations for their teachers and classmates.

box of plaster ornaments, unpainted

The set came with paints and paintbrush so it was an easy set up activity, although we added some of our existing paints on a paint palette as well.

images of children painting ornaments

Here is the collection of complete ornaments. I ended up  painting some as my daughter lost interest – perhaps you can spot which had  my input!

painted Christmas ornaments on display

In case you want further ideas, here are some of the gifts we have made in previous years…

shiny Christmas baubles

Foam Christmas decorations

Christmas stars

Christmas magnets

Cardboard Christmas tree decorations

Christmas hair ties (similar idea to this year obviously, but they looked quite different)


Christmas hair ties

My children enjoy making a small gift to put with a Christmas card for their classmates.

In the last couple of years, they have each made something different. But this year they are both making one gift for the girls and one for the boys.

Christmas hair ties

The girls will be getting a Christmas hair tie made by my children.

Four Christmas hair ties

Four Christmas hair ties

We started with a packet of hair ties and some rolls of Christmas ribbon. Actually, what I used was like a hollow string rather than a ribbon, but any Christmas ribbon will look pretty 🙂

green hair ties and Christmas ribbon cut into strips

Hair ties and ribbon are all you need!

I cut the ribbon into lengths of approximately 20 cm.

Then we simply tied a piece of ribbon onto each hair tie, making the two lengths equal.

child tying string onto a hair tie

Attaching the ribbon to the hair tie

We then tied the ends into a bow.

child's hands with a finished Christmas ribbon bow

A finished bow…

I say simple, but it was more challenging for my six year old than her brother or me – good fine motor skill practice though!

child adding finished CHristmas hair tie to a pile of hair ties

The resultant pile of Christmas hair ties is very pretty and festive! And hopefully will make  a number of young girls happy when they open their envelopes.

array of CHristmas cards and envelopes with hair ties included

Cards and Christmas hair ties ready to hand out at school

Other children’s craft

If you are looking for other ideas of things children can make as token gifts to classmates and the like, have a look at previous things I’ve made with my kids:

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