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School Kris Kringle

Pile of Kris Kringle gifts at schoolI’ve noticed in the last few years that schools are encouraging (if that’s the right word) Kris Kringles for gifts between the kids.

Not sure if this is good or bad really. Certainly easier if kids just give each cards but a few would always want to give a gift to special friends. Then there is the risk of hurting people if one gets a gift and another doesn’t so it can be hard to stop. I see both sides of that.

One child did one at school last week and the gift had a $10 to $20 limit – that’s a lot of money for kids I think, especially if it’s not for someone you know well so it could end up being $20 of nonsense or unwanted things. I also found it a big range – some kids will spend $9.99 and get a $21 gift, and so on, which is a bit unfair but could lead to disagreements and hassles in the playground.

Tonight, another child says she will be doing a KK too. A week of school left and they’re told it’s happening with details to be discussed tomorrow! So guess who’ll have to go shopping over this weekend – someone who had thought Xmas shopping finished because I don’t want to go within cooee of a shopping centre at this time of year!

SO am I the only one not enthused about school Kris Kringles this year?


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Where’s the spirit gone?

For many years now, our family has done a Kris Kringle for the adults – each family still gives something to the kids.

My mother has suddenly decided that this is the last year – from now on we won’t give any presents. When everyone else argued against her decree, she muttered about ‘saving everyone the hassle of choosing a present to give’ – nice to know that’s what we mean to her. Especially as even the KK has shrunk as family members have moved away and can’t join us anyway…

In the end, we overruled her and Kris Kringle lives – and with a higher budget, too (yep, Mum’s idea to reduce it to $20 a few years ago. I mean the idea of introducing KK in our family is to get one decent present instead of many small ones – not so good with a $20 cap!)

But it just made we wonder – where is the spirit of giving? The ‘it is better to give than receive’?

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