Christmas jokes…

I have three jokes to share with you today…

What starts with P and ends with E, and has a thousand letters?

How do you make Lady Gaga cry?

Why is Santa so good at karate?


Santa laughing

Santa loves a good laugh – HOHOHO!



Post Office
Poker Face
Because he has a black belt

Silly family things

Happy children dancing in Christmas costumes

Christmas children dancing and laughing

We spend Christmas Eve doing silly things as a family!

It started when our kids were little but we all love it so it’s kept going – our kids are now grownup and bring along boyfriends and wives, too. The new comers find it a bit strange at first but soon they’re hooked – it’s a lovely way to relax before the big day and it really gets us feeling good and happy to be together.

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A lot of it is just silliness that follows when you laugh a lot but some things we do are:

  • think up lots of alternative reindeer names for Santa or give each other reindeer names
  • tie pillows around our tummies and say ho ho ho a lot
  • someone usually finds something silly at a discount shop and we all take turns wearing it and acting to suit – so we get snooty with a feather boa or have a twang with a cowboy hat
  • read out spoonerisms (where parts of words are swapped around in a story e.g. Santa’s sleigh skies through the fly)
  • having staring competitions
  • sing silly songs (like ‘next verse, same as the first, a little bit louder and a little bit worse’)
picture of little girl drawing a star on a face of her father

Drawing on a parent’s face probably counts as silly!

  • tell tall tales where one person starts the story and stops mid sentence for someone else to continue on

We’re always keen for more silliness so bring on your ideas please!!!!!

* Images courtesy of Love Santa and ximagaination (at 123rf)

What they love…

One Christmas, the kids made us laugh. All day people asked ‘so what did you get for Christmas?” or “what did Santa bring you?”

Miss 4 (nearly 5) answered every time with “a lollipop” – and only having prompting for more did she remember the books, doll, hair ribbons and colouring sets she had asked for and received!

Santa jokes…

What smells most in a chimney?

Santa’s nose

What’s red & white, red & white, red & white?

Santa rolling down a hill!



Santa laughing and waving

Hohoho – Santa loves a good joke and a good laugh!

12 Days of Christmas corporate memo

I came across this today, and thought it was good for a laugh. This is the corporate memo regarding the 12 days of Christmas –

Christmas and Santa humour

There are many jokes and funny stories relating to Christmas and Santa so we’ve started a new category dedicated to thsoe funny bits of Christmas.

You can add jokes and riddles, poems and stories, as well as the real life thigns that happen to us around Christmas that make us laugh (including the thigns kids say and do!)

Here are a couple of jokes to get you smiling…

What do monkeys sing at Christmas?

Jungle Bells, Jungle Bells

Why does Santa have 3 gardens?

So he can go HO Ho Ho

Why does Santa always go down the chimney?

Because it soots him!

It was nearly Christmas when Santa was walking into a building with a kind lawyer and an honest politician. They saw a $10 note lying on the ground and one of them picked it up – which one picked up the money?

Santa of course – the other two don’t exist!

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