north pole

Snowman visiting from the North Pole

Oh dear, I don’t think went well for the snowman Tinkles invited to our house overnight…

Christmas elf with a bowl of water containing two eyes and a carrot nose

Welcome back elves!

Tinkles the elf arrived in our house this morning, fresh from the North Pole and Santa.

Tinkles the elf sitting in red tinsel


I know some elves have arrived during the week in preparation for today – I guess it is too hard for Santa to magic them all in the same day! – but they are now all on duty. I wonder if kids’ behaviour will suddenly improve 🙂

Anyway, Tinkles arrived, sitting under our newly decorated tree with Santa and a special letter from Santa…

Tinkles the elf sitting by Santa under the Christmas tree

She also seems to have brought some balls with her for the kids to play with! Has an elf arrived in your house, with or without a gift?

A Santa story – Andrew’s Christmas Dream

Andrew’s Christmas Dream is a new book, recently released by an American grandmother who told stories to her grandchildren.

Author Jean Head was inspired by a photo of her grandchildren when she started writing this book – her first.

Like many young children, one grandchild was scared to sit on Santa’s lap in a shopping centre.

The story

Young girl nervously hugs a Christmas snow bear

Hugging cute and lovable Christmas characters can be scary…

An 8-year-old boy decides to take his three younger siblings to the North Pole so they can meet Santa and see how wonderful is – and see he is not a person to be scared of.

Their journey takes them a long way and they encounter obstacles and adventures along the way search for Santa. Having read a few pieces about this book, I have now ordered it and am looking forward to reading it 🙂

If you’ve already read it, what did you think?

Can you imagine the adventures they had on the way north?

manual North Pole postmarks

The postmarking machine at the North Pole has stopped working, just when they have the most letters to mail across the world!Christmas envelope and letters form the North Pole

While repairs or an alternative is being worked on, every letter will be manually processed and an Elf written postmark will be used to ensure the mail is not delayed. Maybe these hand marked envelopes will become collectors items and treasured more highly than the usual postmarks!

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