Foam Christmas decorations

My children have made Christmas decorations for the boys in their classes this year, having already made hair ties for the girls.

child-made decorations in Christmas card envelopes

Foam decorations made by my children for their classmates

We used a craft kit of foam decorations which they decorated and popped into an envelope with a Christmas card.

The kids loved colouring in the ornaments, to the point that my son even coloured along the edges of some!

children working on foam ornaments

My children enjoyed making these ornaments (excuse the marked table they were working on!)

Foam decoration kit

The kids were excited and got into the decorating before I got photos taken so I only have shots of the kit in part!

foam Christmas ornament craft kit

Foam ornament kit from Art Star

The kit made things very simple and the kids enjoyed making the decorations.

The kit contains 12 foam Christmas ornaments (three each of four designs), lengths of golden string, four small textas and some glitter glue. The packet states ’embellishments included’ and there were two tubes of glue so I thought there was something else to glue onto the ornaments – it took a little while to understand it was glitter glue and that was classed as an embellishment.

The biggest issue with the kit is the size of the textas – they were cute being so small but didn’t last well enough for my kids thoroughly colouring in the ornaments and writing messages on the back. In particular, my kids used a lot of red (on Santa’s suit and other decorations) so ended up using their own textas and pens.

But you could certainly use the kit for a quick Christmas activity or as gifts like my children have done.

Feeling crafty this Christmas?

Inspired by Jess and Sam’s post about making Lego ornaments for Christmas, I looked up some sites I know offer patterns for other Christmas ornaments. If you want to make ornaments or are looking for a gift for a crafty person, try:

Needlework Boutique (based in Melbourne) Threads and scissors ready for Christmas crafts

A design by Krista Lynn (I like the Santa one!)

Modern Teaching Aids (mainly aimed at groups but you could just make heaps of them as gifts!)

Just stitching – kids and adults (check out their hints & tips, too)

Christmas crafting and other craft books from Double Day books

Paint Christmas balls (adjust the materials and do all sorts of balls)

Any other suggestions?

Unfortunately. none of the above really cater for a summer Christmas and there is a lot of snow featured. If you know of some crafty patterns that suit an Aussie Christmas, please let us know!

Make ornaments and reuse the bits

Lego ornaments on a flat Christmas tree!

Lego ornaments hanging on a tinsel tree adding Christmas cheer to the kitchen!

I just found some instructions for making some really cool Christmas ornaments – made out of Lego!

They are even ‘green’ ornaments as you can pull them apart in January and use the bits many times before recreating ornaments next Christmas if you wanted to.

So check out these Lego ornaments instructions and have some fun decorating your house this Christmas! Great entertainment for the kids and the whole family could work together on these – or maybe have friendly competitions to see who can make the most, the biggest, the most colourful, the hardest shape, the most…


Just loving that I found these!



Hand made decorations

When I was a kid, we would make a decoration every year for my grandparents. Grandma proudly displayed them every year until she moved to a nursing home.

After she died, we were cleaning out her things and found a box where she had kept all our decorations! Each of us had a shoebox with our name on it that had all the decorations we had made, each in a bag with the year we made them.

These decorations are on my tree and my kids are now enjoying them.

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