Tinkles having a tinkle on the piano!

Maybe she was inspired by last night’s Lego piano from the Lego Friends advent calendar, but we found Tinkles sitting on the piano this morning. Just as well it is electric and unplugged or we may have been woken during the night with her tinkling with the keys!

I wonder if we should get some Christmas sheet music for Tinkles (or my daughter anyway!) so we can have some live carols and Christmas songs....

Day fourteen in our Christmas countdown

How is your advent countdown coming along? We’re up to day fourteen and the collection of things created is growing, so let’s see what is behind the latest flaps…

Ornament calendar

Again, we’re back to the northern winter concept of Christmas as we pressed out a snowflake tonight. I quite like the snowflake – for such a simple ornament, it has depth and a charm to it.

A charming snowflake tree ornament

Lego City

Here are some presents to wonder about what could be inside – they are interesting shapes rather than just the box shapes we’ve seen in Lego calendars before (like the lidded box in 2017 and solid gifts in 2015)

Lego Christmas presents

Lego Friends

I really like the cute little piano we got in the Friends calendar tonight, and my daughter is happy as she has a piano (ok, she rarely plays it and she gave up lessons, but it’s there!)

Lego piano ornament

Christmas book

Little Miss Christmas is our book for tonight, which will be fun as I haven’t read that one in quite some time.

Days ten & eleven – Lego advent calendars

collection of images from teh Lego 2016 advent calendars

As day ten was Saturday night, I left that review until tonight so day ten and eleven are together 🙂

The Lego City advent calendar produced a girl dressed for ice-hockey on day ten – my son was very excited to see her! The girl was on the side of the box to show the size of Lego pieces so he has been expecting her…

Two Lego characters ready for ice-hocket

Time for a game of ice-hockey…

While my daughter was ecstatic to put together a piano from the Lego Friends calendar – she has been looking forward to the piano as it is on the box (and I hoped it was more than just a prop on the background!). I love the fact there is sheet music and how the keys look real – it is based on a white grill piece as the white keys and the gaps look like black keys are there!

Lego girl at piano

Emma at the piano

Tonight, my daughter was extremely excited to find a purple guitar on a stand – purple is her favourite colour so she loves this guitar. “And it’s even a plug-in guitar, Mummy!” Both children are now planning a Lego band with their combined instruments and musical equipment from this advent calendar.

A purple Lego guitar

A purple Lego guitar

My son was pleased to get a bare tree (back to the winter concept of deciduous trees) with some Christmas lights on it.

Christmas lights on a Lego tree

Christmas lights on a tree

Back to day nine…

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