All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth – Christmas book review

All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth

Cover image of 'All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth'by Don Gardner
illustrated by Katz Cowley
Scholastic Australia, Gosford, 2011

Age group: preschool

With a cute monkey on the cover and the title (I sing the chorus of ‘all I want is my two front teeth’ when my kids are missing teeth!), I decided to give this book a chance.

The story

Based on the song “All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth“, this book shows an unhappy baby monkey hoping for new front teeth.

Sample page from 'All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth'My review

This book has some very cute pictures of the monkey and his gappy mouth. It also has the added dimension of a Santa snail and a teeth police officer being in the background for children to find (note the police officer is not on every page) – in the way that Graeme Base hides images although much easier to find.

The monkey asks Santa for front teeth, substitutes a drawing of teeth for his teeth and then discovers his front teeth are regrowing – my son certainly saw a connection between the Santa request and the teeth regrowing 🙂

I wasn’t engaged or overly impressed with this book, nor was my six year old – but my eight year old was enthusiastic about having enjoyed it so maybe it’s just a matter of personal taste.


Little Miss Christmas – Christmas book review

Little Miss Christmas

Cover image of 'Little Miss Christmas'by Adam Hargreaves
from concept by Roger Hargreaves
Egmont, London, 2005

Age group: preschool

I recently rediscovered this book in our attic, so I read it a few weeks ago with my kids on a drive to a family outing, when Christmas still felt a way off!

The story

Santa’s niece, Little Miss Christmas, has the important job of wrapping the presents for Santa to deliver. However, she decides she wants a break so Santa and Mr Christmas have to wrap presents instead.

My review

This was typical Mr Men/Little Miss book and enjoyable to read together – my six and eight year olds both enjoyed it and said it was fun.

little_miss_xmas_innerAs well as being fun, I found that this book was good for starting conversations and thinking. For instance, I was able to get the kids to predict the next step of the story when Santa and Mr Christmas got distracted. Then we talked about whether doing jobs straight away was a better choice and a better way to care for Little Miss Christmas.

It took a team effort at the end to get all the gifts wrapped in time for Santa to leave the North Pole, which was a nice message and had the amusement of how different characters ‘helped’ with the wrapping (Miss Nasty had to be supervised and you can guess how Mr Messy went…).

However, Father Christmas and Mr Christmas hadn’t learned their lesson which was a little more disappointing – and didn’t make my kids laugh either. Readers could be left with a worry that some presents may not arrive on Christmas Eve if Santa and the reindeer take off late – I covered that up with the idea that Australia is so early on Santa’s route that he would not miss our place on Christmas Eve!

So this book was fun with a bit more depth than most of the Little Miss books, and can be enjoyed by a range of age groups.
'Little Miss Christmas' illustration


Santa’s busy night – Christmas book review

Santa’s busy night

Cover of 'Santa's Busy Night' picture bookThe Five Mile Press, Scoresby, 2015

Age group: preschool

The story

Santa prepares at home then heads out to deliver gifts before celebrating with reindeer at home.

My reviewSample illustration from 'Santa's Busy Night'

I like this board book. While it obviously needs to be simple for young children, it covers a lot of ideas through the text and images.

For instance, it includes colours, numbers and shapes within the story and introduces the idea of Santa being tired out by all he does on Christmas Eve.

The sleigh on the front cover in inset and texture for young children to enjoy feeling – it makes the sleigh shiny, interesting and special.Sample illustration from 'Santa's Busy Night'

I like the happy images of the reindeer, and I like the humour of Santa giving the dog and cat the wrong gifts. On the other hand, I’m not so sure it’s a good thing to give kids the idea that Santa may confuse gifts…

It is a happy story and sure to be enjoyed by any youngster, just as it was by my three year old nephew on Christmas Day!


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