Three days to go in advent calendars!

2016 Lego advent calendar collage

Wow, we’re onto day 21 so there are only three more flaps to open – and school has now finished for the year around Australia so the excitement is definitely building now 🙂

Lego City now has a Christmas tree, complete with a star on top and some lights.

Lego Christmas tree with star on top and present beneath

It’s starting to look a lot like Christmas…

Our Friends advent calendar now has a Christmas pudding to add to the feast – and it looks pretty good!

Lego Christmas pudding in front of a Christmas tree

Time for Christmas pudding with some Lego Friends!

Christmas Pudding

We had some delicious Christmas pudding last night, made by our friend’s Mum. She made it ‘properly’ – soaking the fruit for weeks beforehand (in Port in this case).

This pudding was mostly fruit and was about the moistest and yummiest pudding I’ve ever tasted. If I can get the recipe and am allowed, I will share it here too.

Anybody else had some good pudding yet this year?

Tiny Christmas puddings

I saw those individual puddings a number of times – they look so impressive and taste yum too.

I didn’t have time to find a cake recipe and cook it up so I found a different way to make them 🙂

So, buy a lovely moist fruit cake.

Cut it into small pieces (like about 2cm by 2cm) – make them round if you have a circle cutter. If you have a little more time, roll the pieces between your fingers to make little balls of cake.

Mix some yoghurt with icing sugar. Dob some of this mix on top of each cake piece.

Chop up some glace cherries or ginger. Add a piece or three on top of each pudding.

Let it set then serve for Santa, unexpected guests or even wrap as Christmas gifts. And you can still call them home made 🙂

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