This Christmas – towards zero

Walking along the river in the city yesterday, the kids and I came across a pop up activity titled This Christmas.

Run by the TAC as part of their towards zero campaigns, the pop up had rainbow ribbons to attach to rings.

The idea is that you select up to three ribbons with messages that resonate with you. Each message is a positive action that can help us all be safer n the roads, such as “I will not rush to Christmas lunch so I arrive safely”, “I will thank the designated driver” and “I will stay calm behind the wheel”.

The stall was well attended while we were there, which is great, and hopefully it helps a few people think and thus make our roads safer this Christmas. My kids loved it – between the colourful ribbons, finding the different messages, and checking out the colouring  in pictures of Melbourne, there was a lot to see in a small space.




Ribbons on a Christmas tree

Christmas tree covered in sports ribbons

Liz also supplied us with a photo of the ribbon-decked tree – I think it looks great!

We have small Christmas trees in the kids’ rooms, which they love:)

This year, a bit of ahead of me getting out the usual decorations, my daughter decided to decorate the trees.

She grabbed out some school sports ribbons and other sashes to use instead of tinsel. It actually looked quite effective and is a nice acknowledgement of her sporting achievements over the year (she was just after the colour and instant gratification, but I liked the display of her achievements!)


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