We’re onto day 18 in advent calendars

One week to go to Christmas! School, work, advent calendars and preparations are still going strong though, so let’s find out what our calendars provided for day eighteen…

Ornament calendar

Perhaps not a typical ornament, Santa’s hat is certainly a well known symbol of Christmas and good cheer!

collage of Santa's hat ornament pictures

Lego City

As there is a picture of this on the box, my son has been looking for this monster truck to come out of the calendar since day one!

Lego monster truck

Lego Friends

Following on from all the cupcakes on Sunday (day sixteen), the Friends ornament is a cake stand.

Lego cake stall

Christmas book

Tonight’s Christmas book is going to be Santa’s Husband which is such a great book for making us question perceptions and accepting alternatives. If you haven’t read it with your family yet, I suggest you read my review (so you know what to expect) and then read the book with as many children as you can!

Lego stands in advent calendars

We are continuing our Lego advent calendars as we get closer and closer to Christmas Day.

Day eleven

My son found a snowman (with stick arms and a scarf) in the City advent calendar for day eleven.

Lego snowman from City advent calendar

As well as developing a collection of animals, my daughter is also getting a collection of stands from the 2017 Lego Friends advent calendar! For day eleven, she got a cupcake stand

Lego Friends advent calendar cake stall

Day twelve

I was surprised to see the Friends calendar gave my daughter another stand – this time one for hot chocolate. My children were not so surprised, believing that we have found three pet stands and two stalls. I love that it comes with a bottle of milk and a block of chocolate.

Lego hot chocolate stall, complete with milk bottle

The City calendar also revealed a food stall with a coffee mug – just right to hold Grandma’s biscuits.

Food stall for the Lego City advent calendar

Day thirteen

My son was happy to find a skiier behind flap thirteen of the City calendar.

Lego snow skiier

And my daughter was happy finding a campfire with two seats and a marshmallow on a stick – although she was a little disappointed to only have one marshmallow!

Lego girl sitting at a campfire toasting marshmallows  

Day 15 in our advent calendars…

2016 Lego Christmas Advent Calendars

Tonight, the Lego City calendar joined in the food theme with a cake stall! At least, it is the physical part of a stall and some cash – my son believes it will be followed by an oven and some food 🙂

Lego City advent food stall

Emma and Naomi discovered a camera and tripod in their calendar so took a shot of themselves having afternoon tea in front of the piano, and some of their new pet.

Collage of Lego camera photos

If you have enjoyed reading about day 15, you can go back to day one or even read the 2015 day 15 Lego advent calendar review.

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