A Lego Christmas train takes shape…

It was no surprise that my son ran to the lunge room when he got up this morning, looking to see if Tinkles had left the Lego Christmas train set for him to play with.

I think it was a mix of pleasure and disappointment when he found that Tinkles had opened the box and started building the set herself – he is happy Tinkles shares his love of Lego, but still itching to build it himself!

Tinkles the elf with Lego instructions and pieces

Building a Lego train set

You may have picked up that we are a Lego family – my son in particular loves Lego, but two of his sisters have also been keen Lego builders, and as a family we’ve enjoyed a number of Lego advent calendars. And now it turn out that our elf Tinkles is also happy to build Lego!

To their surprise, the kids found Tinkles this afternoon in the lounge room, having set herself up nicely with a red cloth (easier to spot Lego pieces there than on the carpet!) and an unopened Lego Christmas train set.

Tinkles the elf with a Lego train set box

My son is bursting to open the box himself and make it, but Tinkles can’t be touched of course so I have told him we must wait and see what Tinkles has in store for us.

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