Myer window – Alice in Wonderland

This year’s Myer windows show the story of Alice in Wonderland, based on Rebecca Dautreme’s illustrations from her 2015 book (published to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Lewis Carrol’s story originally being published in 1865). This is the second time Alice has featured in the Melbourne windows at Christmas.

collage of children watching ALice in Wonderland at Myer 2018 windows

Alice in Wonderland captivating children

The story starts with Alice trying food and drink that makes her grow and shrink – there is no sign of the white rabbit nor falling down the whole.

Alice eat and drinks, grows and shrinks

Alice is then shown as particularly large again as she appears trapped inside a house that is now too small for her.

Alice poking her head out of a too small house

A purple caterpillar then appears in a field of mushrooms.

purple caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland at Myer windows 2018

I love the ants crawling around under the mushrooms, too…

Following windows include the croquet game with the Queen of Hearts and her cards, and the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. I liked the table under a hills hoist and the details of food and tea bags in this scene, but was a bit thrown by a large white cat – the original Sir John Tenniel (illustrator) and Edward Dalziel (engraver) artwork had a stripy cat and Alice describes him as having lovely green eyes, and most of us are used to images from movies and books where he is purple or orange. White and fluffy just isn’t what to comes mind for the Cheshire cat!

Alice at the Mad Hatter's tea party

The croquet window was fun with moving hedgehogs and such tall, expressive flamingos!

Alice playing croquet with flamingo bats and hedgehog balls

The Queen of Hearts watching Alice play croquet

And Alice’s final adventure in the windows was visiting the drawing room with an array of characters.

The rabbit, the queen and others in the drawing room with Alice

Have you see Alice in the Myer windows?

It is exciting and fun to visit the Myer windows and my kids and I enjoyed seeing Alice. I have to admit that basing it on Dautreme’s illustrations made it less special for me as it moves away from my imagined Alice in a blue dress and an orange Cheshire cat, and I have heard others say the same thing. But the creation of the windows, the movement of Alice and others, and the attention to detail in the settings still made this a wonderful outing and a beautiful display.

Christmas in Melbourne

Earlier this week, we had a beautiful day in the city of Melbourne just walking around and viewing the Christmas decorations and displays.

I wish I could visit all the Aussie cities for Christmas, but I’ll have to make do with Melbourne! At least I can share some of the beautiful sites here, though.

Collage of photos of Lego Christmas display - tree, sleigh, star, Santa

First, we wen to Fed Square and saw the largest Lego Christmas tree in the southern hemisphere – it’s nearly 10 m tall! It is a very Aussie tree with koalas and kookaburras in the tree and obvious gifts underneath (like a cricket bat, footy and surfboard).

Then, we looked at the City Square which has a whole Christmas feel. As well as a tree and signposts, we saw plant reindeer, Santa’s seat and red flowers everywhere. The kids also enjoyed interactive aspects such as having their faces in an elf picture and hearing Santa laugh.

Collage of Myer windows, Christmas 2015

Next were the Myer windows, of course, with the story of the Little Dog and the Christmas wish. This is the 6oth year of the Myer windows which is quite something!

Collage of gingerbread village 2015

And we finished with epicure’s Gingerbread village. This was amazing and a fun way to see Melbourne. The village includes landmarks like Flemington racecourse (with Santa and his sleigh on the roof of the grandstand!), the MCG, St Kilda beach, Melbourne zoo (although I’ve never seen the animals stand in snow before!), the arts centre and the Grand Prix. It’s fun spotting the places and the little details throughout, and amazing to realise it is all made out of gingerbread and icing!

Merry Christmas Melbourne!

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