Tips for ordering Love Santa letters

Santa beside a 'Santa stop here' signSanta is such a busy man, especially leading up to Christmas, that he sometimes gets other people to help him. I feel very lucky and honoured to help Santa write his letters for Australian children.

Ordering tips

So I can do the best job ever for Santa and for his children, here are some ideas on how to best tell me about your special child(ren).

What to write

We’ve tried hard to make it easy for you to fill in our form, but the following tips may help get you started…

  • write to the child rather than about them (you were kind to Mary, trying hard with your writing, playing nicely with John and Betty, and so on)
  • use a nickname if you want – Santa isn’t formal!
  • you don’t have to add in ‘good deed 1’ or ‘gift 1’ – your words are simply placed into the appropriate sentences
  • list presents the child really does want (and you’re happy for them to have! Santa DOES pay attention to requests remember) rather than what you want for them. Love Santa letters will not promise the child gets anything in particular.
  • think about the whole year for any good deeds done by the child, but remember young children won’t remember as much from months ago
  • there is no need to explain who people/pets are! The child will understand ‘Jessica loves you’ without making it ‘sister Jessica loves you’.

Two girls opening Love Santa letters

Spelling and grammar

Yes, this is not the most exciting topic, but it is important! We will fix up things where we can but we need your help!Child's hand writing a letter to Santa

  • double check the spelling of names – we don’t assume we know the only or best way to spell any particular name so if you type Nooh instead of Noah, the letter will be to Nooh!
  • only use capital letters for things that need them – names and places need capitals but most toys don’t. Did you know that using lots of capital letters actually makes things harder to read, so using lower case letters is easier for children to read their Santa letters.
    Remember that in most cases, your text will be in the middle of a sentence so you don’t even need to worry about starting things with a capital letter!
  • writing everything in capital letters is considered yelling at someone online so please use lower case when filling in the child’s details.


 Other details

  • order a different background design than last year – it’s more fun and brightens up the scrapbook or wherever the child keeps their letters
  • asking for the same letter wording for siblings may make the letters feel less personal, so let Santa write something different for each of them
  • if you copy and paste some text (for example, a list of people you want mentioned in the letter), remember to adjust it for each child. While it is nice to say “Dear Susan, Hayden and Prue love you”, it doesn’t work so well to say “Dear Prue, Hayden and Prue love you”!
  • if ordering for multiple children, try to make the good deeds a bit different for each child – at least rearrange the order of the listed deeds! It can be as simple as “working so hard at school”, “trying your best at school” and “putting in a great effort at school”

Remember, Santa letters are about fun and acknowledging children’s achievements and improvements so make sure you have fun and enjoy the process, too!

sample Love Santa letters

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