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You can bring this delight to your client and staff's children!

Just get your clients, staff and others to complete our online form and a Santa letter will be sent to their children with a consolidated invoice going to you. Alternatively, you could send one to your staff and clients directly - let the adults join in the fun and magic of Santa! It's unusual, simple and will bring a lot of pleasure and good will.

And, of course, there are discounted rates for bulk orders.

For those who prefer it, a Christmas letter can be sent instead of a Santa letter. Please contact Santa's letter elf for details.



Each Santa Letter normally costs $12.00 total including postage and GST.

  • ordering five letters as a business reduces the cost to $10.00 each
  • ordering 5 to 20 letters reduces the cost to $9.50 per letter
  • ordering more than 20 letters will only cost $8.00 per letter.
A surcharge is applicable for letters to be sent overseas.

Payments can be made by cheque, direct deposit or credit card (through Paypal); appropriate details will be forwarded upon request for a letter.

Delivery Information
Please note that Santa's letter is unlikely to arrive before Christmas if requests are not placed prior to 18th December, 2019 (remote locations need more time, too).

Order now to ensure your clients can order in time for delivery in mid December. They can keep an eye on our blog for final ordering days as we get close to Christmas Eve.

Please email us to arrange orders for your clients/suppliers.






 A sample personalised Love Santa letter





Privacy Policy ~ Under no circumstances, not even under threat of having to fill in for Santa on Christmas Eve, will your or your clients details of any kind be given, sold or lent to any other party.



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