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Customising your Love Santa Letters

Choosing a background for your personalised letter from Santa

All of the following letter background are available for your Love Santa letters. When choosing a background, consider whether siblings will respond better to a matching background or different backgrounds.

Choose a background you think suits the child (write it down) and then select it from the drop down menu in the order form.

Choosing the wording for your personalised letter from Santa

Love Santa letters come in a variety of wordings so that children receive different letters each year and from their siblings. There is also specific wording for a baby's first Christmas, teenagers and adults.

All you have to do is select the relevant type from the 'this letter is for' drop down menu in the order form.



Love Santa letter template - Santa and his boomers

 Love Santa letter template - Santa flying across the moon

Boomers Sleigh

Moon Sleigh




Love Santa letter template - Santa's Face

Love Santa letter template - Christmas characters

Santa's Face 





Love Santa letter template - green teddy border

Love Santa letter template - pink teddy border

Green Teddy


Pink Teddy




Love Santa letter template - children in fun Christmas costumes









Privacy Policy ~ Under no circumstances, not even under threat of having to fill in for Santa on Christmas Eve, will your details of any kind be given, sold or lent to any other party.




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