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Our letters are easy to order online - taking the hassle out of your Christmas preparations.

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One or two letters: $10 each
Three or more: $9.25 each



And not just any letter, but a letter that is personally addressed to each child and that includes information relevant to that Child as well!  

Santa is also aware that Christmas is different for Australian children and his letters mention the White Boomers and heat, not snow and cold. Santas letter comes in an individual envelope straight to the child's door (well, the child's letter box anyway!)

And, of course, there are discounted rates for bulks orders.

View the full range of Santa letter designs in the letter gallery
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Order Cut Off Dates -

Please note that Santa's letter is unlikely to arrive before Christmas if requests are not placed prior to 19th December, 2014.

Order now to be sure of delivery before Christmas. Keep an eye on our blog for final ordering days as we get close to Christmas Eve.




Each Santa Letter costs $10.00 total including postage and GST. Ordering three or more letters at once reduces the cost to $9.25 each.

A surcharge is applicable for letters to be sent overseas.



You can choose from Santa's letter range to suit your children and ensure siblings receive different letter templates. All letters include craft and cooking ideas, a North Pole postmark and a small surprise, too.
For those who prefer it, a Christmas letter can be sent instead of a Santa letter. Please contact Santa's helper for details or if you wish to order your letter offline.



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Payments can be made by Paypal, cheque, direct deposit or credit card (through Paymate). Appropriate details will be supplied as you work through the online order process.



Privacy Policy ~ Under no circumstances, not even under threat of having to fill in for Santa on Christmas Eve, will your details of any kind be given, sold or lent to any other party.



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