Santa helps with fundraising!

Help fundraise for your kinder or childcare while delighting the children in a special and personalised way!

Our aim is to delight the children involved with your kinder or centre, and help you raise funds at the same time. There is very little for you to do – orders are placed online and you earn 20% on every letter sold via your kinder or group.

Step 1 – register your kinder or childcare centre

registration form

Step 2 – tell your families about ordering Love Santa letters, using the special code we provide. See below for some ideas.

Step 3 – look for your payment in January next year.

Please ensure you allow people enough time to place an order and allows for postage times – especially in 2020 as Australia Post has been impacted by COVID-19 restrictions.

For those who prefer it, a Christmas letter can be sent instead of a Santa letter. Please contact Santa’s letter elf for details.

Please note that Santa’s letter is unlikely to arrive before Christmas if requests are not placed prior to 13th December, 2022 (remote locations need more time, too).

Please email us to arrange order codes for your kinder or child care centre.

santa letter

How to let families know about your Love Santa Letter Fundraiser:

  • Put a notice or letter in each child’s pocket/pigeonhole/book
  • Put a notice in your newsletter
  • Put up posters in the parent area – just be careful not to give away any secrets! Ask us for some resources if you need help.
  • Add a banner and link on your website
Santa writing on parchment with a large quill

And you don’t have to wait until December to share the fun of Santa!!

Personalised letters from Santa can be created for mid-year Christmas celebrations or for special letters during the year.

Current examples are:

Christmas in July – letters for fun and a reminder to be good for goodness sake!

Congratulations – letters where Santa acknowledges something extra special he has noticed during the year

Christmas lead up – positive letters in early November to remind children to be good for Santa and give them gift and activity ideas so they can share the Christmas spirit in December.

Love Santa - www.lovesanta.com.au

Order Cut Off Dates

Please note that Love Santa letters need to be ordered before December 15 to be delivered before Christmas!

Order now to be sure of delivery before Christmas. Keep an eye on our blog for final ordering days as we get close to Christmas Eve.

Privacy Policy

Under no circumstances, not even under threat of having to fill in for Santa on Christmas Eve, will your details of any kind be given, sold or lent to any other party.