Kids love Santa letters

An article in The Australian newspaper today reported that despite messages to Santa being available via email, sms, etc, children still prefer to send Santa an old fashioned snailmail letter like we all remember doing.

Apparently, 6 million letters were sent to Santa in 2006 (glad the postal workers have been counting as Santa and th elves were too busy reading to count!) and that is likely to be less than this year’s total.

The Universal Postal Union represents 191 countries and has over 5 million people helping deliver letters and cards to and from Santa each year!

One Response to Kids love Santa letters

  • Damien says:

    I always sent a letter as a kid and have taught my daughter to do the same. I think an old fashioned letter shows more care and respect than an email, and Santa could read letters by his fire – its a bit harder to sit comfortably with a computer by the fire!

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