memorable Christmas gifts

I love giving gifts that really mean something to the other person – it takes more time than buying a box of chocolates or a book voucher, but the look on their face and the knowledge that the present will last (in their memories at least) is well worth it to me.

I remember I once gave a babysitting voucher to my cousin who had a boisterous toddler – the look of joy on her face was priceless, and she treasured that voucher above her other gifts (by treasured I mean she kept it away from her toddler whereas he could look at her other gifts!) It was a simple gift and affordable as I had little money at the time, but meant a lot to her.

Another year I gave another cousin a calligraphy set because I remembered her saying she’d love to learn calligraphy. She had forgotten telling me that so her gift was a surprise but really suited her.

What presents have you given or received that are memorable for more than the price tag?

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  • Sharna J says:

    What a thoughtful person you are Michelle – they are some lovely gifts.

    I always try to give gifts that are practical – in the sense that they will be used and give some value to the person I care enough about to give something to!

    The gift of a housekeeper when I had an 18 month old and a broken leg was very precious to me – so timely and valuable. I’ll never forget the friend who arranged that for me.

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