Paper chains

Did anyone else make paper chains for Christmas?

We made them at school every year during Primary school, plus I attempted making some at home. We didn’t have strips of paper so I tried cutting my own and I never did get the cutting quite straight! The home made ones were a bit boring, too, as we never had coloured paper and my attempts to colour them with pencils were a bit faint and dismal.

child made paper chains strung across a ceiling

Paper chains – cheap and easy to make for instant colour in a room for Christmas!

Our classrooms were always decked in paper chains – and I always looked back on the previous year’s room and wondered why the kids made chains instead of using the ones we had made (never occurred to me that the year above me probably had done some too!) I wanted to know where they stored them all…

No more paper chains?

I don’t think my kids have ever made paper chains anywhere but at home – they don’t do them at school or childcare, or even at Joeys (the craft hub of our lives right now.) I wonder why?

Maybe they try to make things so each child gets one to take home, and maybe they prefer things that last better than paper chains so they can be stored and used for Christmas after Christmas. All very reasonable but paper chains were a fun part of Christmas each year!

Might have to start cutting some strips for this weekend – but I’ll use a cutter instead of scissors this time!

4 Responses to Paper chains

  • MissieK says:

    We made them last year & the kids had a lot of fun. We found some paper strips in the back of a drawer. There were only 4 colours, but they still looked good.

    I know one family who makes them out of used wrapping paper.

  • Santa's Elf says:

    Have fun making chains this weekend Bron 🙂

  • Donna-Marie says:

    I remember making paper chains at school too. I made some with my son when he was little and we still have them, but they’re a bit too squished to hang up these days 🙂

  • tashword says:

    A week ago I would have agreed with you – I made chains as a kid but my kids haven’t really done paper chains.

    But yesterday I helped at school and we made paper chains to decorate the classroom! It was part of a maths class so it even has educational value (plus coordination of fine motor skills) – the kids had to create and follow a pattern.

    It was fun to weatch and help them – and I even got to hang up the chains!

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