Thank you :)

My kids received their letters last week and they were just gorgeous! They were so excited to know that Santa really had noticed their good behavior during the year – and very hopeful about the potential gifts me mentioned, too!

The little surprise added in was lovely, but the craft idea on the back was fantastic. Not only have we made many versions, they are wrapped under the the tree for grandparents, aunts & uncles. It was a beautiful way to spend time with my kids and for them to learn the real value of Christmas gifts – it isn’t the price tag but the time and love that goes into them.

So thank you Santa’s Elf – and I for one am glad Santa asked for your help (not that his own letters wouldn’t be just as good!)

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  • pocs says:

    Spending time reading all the blogs and comments, it really touches me with all the ideas, memories and yes Santa letters , that people really appreciate what you do in the spirit of Christmas and just giving. If more people would act and behave like this in their daily life, can you imagine what a nicer place the world would be. Thanks Santas Elf!

  • Santa's Elf says:

    More Christmas magic and love would make our world a better place, I believe, pocs. I hope my actions here are making a difference so thank you for your lovely words.
    And Michelle, it appears I never acknowledged your message – I am so sorry but very appreciative or your kindness. It’s great to hear you all enjoyed making those crafts and learning about the joy of giving.

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