Do they know it’s Christmas time?

Happy birthday to the song “Do they know it’s Christmas time?”!

It was 25 years ago that a group of musicians, led by Bob Geldof & Midge Ure, got together as Band Aid and sang this song to raise money for people in famine affected Ethiopia.

Unfortunately, there are still many starving people around the world and not everyone enjoys Christmas as we do in Australia (and there are those in Australia struggling, too). But we can choose to let songs like this remind us of the giving spirit of Christmas and do what we can to help others.

3 Responses to Do they know it’s Christmas time?

  • Janelle says:

    25 years – it can’t be! Showing my age I guess but it only seems a few years ago this was a hit and bringing tears to many teenage girls’ eyes…

  • pocs says:

    I thought I felt old when my girls learned to drive. But no matter how old am or how old I feel, that song always makes me feel all warm inside and a need to check my pantry for can good to donate.

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