Christmas photos early

How can you prepare Christmas photos in advance to use in cards and thigns they are sent out late November/early December? I really don’t want to set up a tree just yet at home, and think the kids could get confused if I did, but I do want some Christmas photos but with overseas relatives I need to send everything early.

How do other people get around this???

3 Responses to Christmas photos early

  • JosieF says:

    Maybe one of the Christmas shops lets people take photos in front of their stock?

  • Janey says:

    WHat about puttin Santa hats on the kids in a nice park or at the beach? Looks Christmassy and Aussie – and different if you’ve used trees in photos in past years.

  • SandraC says:

    Maybe take photos of the kids preparing for Christmas – wrapping presents or cooking fruit mince pies – still has a XMas feel but no risk of confusing kids and shows overseas relatives the kids being happy rather than posed.

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