Christmas spirit of giving

I’m not talking about commercialism and gift giving, but the true spirit of giving at Christmas time. I don’t do enough of it myself, and I’m not sure just thinking about it counts for much, but I think Christmas giving is important.

What giving do you do at Christmas time? Do you see it as a burden in a busy time or something that is just worthwhile and a priority?

Here’s some of the things I’ve thought of – can you add to the list?

  • time for poor – serving Xmas lunch at a homeless shelter or helping hand out goods at a charity centre
  • invite lonely people to join a Xmas celebration with you
  • give to charity instead of giving token or joke gifts – a group I was in did this one year as we choose gifts for children and gave the bundle to a charity
  • give charity gifts
  • send cards to those not expecting it – maybe that shop assistant who smiled at you during your toddler’s tantrum, the nosy neighbour or a volunteer in your community (one you don’t deal with yourself)
  • smile and be nice to people in Xmas crowds – not always easy but give it a go!

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  • Santa's Elf says:

    Some great ideas in there – thanks for sharing and I hope it inspires some others to truly give this Christmas.

  • JeffP says:

    I work in a bakery and last year we found out when some local groups were having Xmas events (like the scout group break up and the awards night of a basketball club) and donated bread/rolls/etc for the event. We also found out some local schools were holding thank you events for volunterrs so we gave them stuff to give the volunteers as an extra thanks too. It didn’t cost us much but I like to think it made a big difference to those groups and their volunteers.

  • Wendy_mum says:

    I admit this is soemthing we don’t do enough of. I do volunteer stuff all year though, and add a gift or two under the wishing tree at our local shopping centre.

  • I really enjoyed reading your ideas about the true spirit of Christmas. Children and adults alike need to remember that it can be as, if not more, rewarding to give of oneself than to receive. This concept is relevant on a day-to-day basis. Let’s all vow to give and receive. essentially live every day with the spirit of Christmas.

    • Santa's Elf says:

      Glad you enjoyed reading this, Liveinthemoment. And I like your vow – let’s encourage more and more people to do it as the world can only be a better place if we use that generosity and love we associate with Christmas.

  • pocs says:

    Imlove the giving of your bakery Jeff. That’s such a great way to give back, when nit even asked. Hats off to you!

    What a wonderful vow Liveinthemiment. I do try to do this everyday of the year. Can you image how wonderful the world would be if even just have of us practiced this.

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