Your favourite Santa gift

What is the best and/or most memorable gift Santa ever left for you?

WHat is in the gifts held by Santa?

Did your favourite gift from Santa come in a box like these presents?

Do you remember why that thing was so special and stands out from everything else? It isn’t always the biggest or flashiest thing that stays in our memories – and now is the time to acknowledge how Santa got it right for you!

* Image courtesy of Kozzi

9 Responses to Your favourite Santa gift

  • JessicaG says:

    Oh, that’s not a n easy question – Santa got it right forme so many times! But if I had to choose I’d probably say it was the Billabong book (by Mary Grant Bruce) when I was 12 – it was the only book in the series I hadn’t read and I was so excited to get it.

    Now you’ve reminder me I might start reading them with my kids this Christmas…

  • Maddi says:

    Oh I love those books too Jessica!
    I think my best Santa gift was a set of elastics (that is a circle of elastic we used to play elastics with) which I used over and over again that year. I remmebr being excited when I got them because the big girls at school used them and I was first in my group to have a set. Thanks Santa 🙂 And thanks for the remind Santa’s Elf.

  • Dicko says:

    The one I most remember was a set of diggers and trucks to use in my sand pit – loved getting them and loved playing with them for years afterwards.

  • Santa's Elf says:

    That’s great you all remember gifts that lasted many plays. I hope you get more speical gifts this Christmas, too.

  • streakanime says:

    The most memorable thing for me was not really a gift. I got up one morning and went to the bathroom. I was also snooping around. Looking at the presents and seeing the tracks he left from the fireplace and the cookies being eaten. And someone woke up. Feeling like I was doing something wrong I ran back to my room really fast and went back to bed. It ended up being my brother (he’s about three years younger than me) who had come out. He went on and on the next day about how he saw Santa run through the house really fast when he got up to use the bathroom. I was super tickled because I knew it was me he saw, haha.

  • Clauzetta says:

    My Mum gave me a Christmas tree decoration of Santa Claus. She thought that my kids would enjoy it as well, as they were young enough to still be exicted by Santa. I appreciate that my Mum giving to two different generations. She gave me a Christmas Tree decoration every year but most were for me, not for both me and my kids. That is what makes the Santa Christmas tree decoration very special.

    • Santa's Elf says:

      That is special to have a gift that suits multiple people like that, Clauzetta. But also nice she gives you something for you each year for your tree, too.

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